Einstein left three predictions unfulfilled, two of which worried scientists

Are you aware of it? In the long history of mankind, there have been many great scientists, such as Galileo, Newton, Einstein and so on.

These scientists rely on their huge reserves of knowledge, as well as careful thinking about the future development of human beings, and often make some predictions for the future of human beings in the process of thinking.

Among them, Einstein has seven widely spread languages, and four of them have been confirmed.


Einstein’s four confirmed predictions are: space-time distortion theory, cosmological constant, micro gravitational lens and Bose Einstein condensation. There are three remaining unrealized projects, two of which are worrying for many people.

The first worry is that the earth will be destroyed in 2060. In fact, it’s a prediction about the end of the world.

This language was written by Einstein in his living manuscript and put together with several other major languages. Considering Einstein’s great influence on human beings and one of the great scientists.


Therefore, many people firmly believe that this language is not written casually. It is very likely that Einstein left a warning to mankind after he discovered some unknown secrets.

He wrote in his manuscript that before 2060, there will be a very serious plague on the earth, followed by a global war. With the blessing of plague and war, human society suffered a heavy blow. In the end, man disappeared from the earth.

Did you think of something?


Yes, at present, there is a global epidemic, and many countries have entered a state of emergency.

At present, the number of confirmed cases in the world is still increasing.

In addition to the accident of the epidemic, the global situation is not very clear. Many things have been exposed in the epidemic, such as the differences among European countries, the serious epidemic situation in the United States and Iran, and the severe sanctions still implemented.


Especially in the United States, trump has long acknowledged that the U.S. economy may decline. These are all hidden dangers of global peace, so they are very worrying.

Second, the existence of time-space tunnel. Einstein once put forward a hypothesis to the public, that is, time travel.

This is a prediction of “wormhole” put forward by Einstein. Wormhole is a multidimensional space tunnel connecting two remote spacetimes, also known as “wormhole”



Rosen Bridge.

It’s a possible connection between two different things in the universe



It’s a narrow tunnel. Judging from its name, we can see its close relationship with Einstein. Einstein believed that through this shortcut, objects can transfer time and space instantaneously.

So far, however, scientists have found no real evidence of wormholes. Maybe wormholes are just things that exist in our minds, and things that are illusory in reality.


But scientists still don’t give up exploring wormholes. After all, in this vast universe, we can’t guarantee whether these things really exist.

Besides, time travel is very helpful for human beings to get out of the earth. We can go through wormholes to see relatives we have never seen before, or go through the future to gain insight.

We have seen a lot of science fiction movies and novels, in which there are more or less time and space shuttle, they will use the power of wormhole to shuttle.


In a short time, it can reach hundreds of light-years away.

If the wormhole can be found, scientists can explore the so-called habitable planets. It’s also a good thing for us.

However, some scientists believe that space-time travel violates the rules of the universe. It seems to be a very practical prop for human beings and can fulfill all kinds of human desires.


It happens to be able to make up for the mistakes we have made.

This is a double-edged sword. When we know that we can correct the mistakes in the past, we can’t hide our greed, and we won’t be so careful when doing things, which is extremely unfavorable to the development of human civilization.

It should also be noted that if space-time shuttle really exists, we can not guarantee that other “alien life” in other time and space will not harm us.


If our technology is not as developed as they are, will not human civilization be destroyed? Besides, if thousands of human beings use or abuse time and space shuttle, it may lead to chaos of time and space, and everything is beyond recognition.

Therefore, in Xiaobian’s opinion, it’s better not to realize the shuttle of time and space. After all, the current technology of human civilization can’t control this technology well. What do you think of this? Welcome to comment area!

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