Einstein predicted that there are three kinds of holes in the universe, one of which has been confirmed, and the others are still in theory

Einstein is a great physicist in modern times. His achievements in his life are incomparable. He is the founder of the theory of nuclear energy and ushered in a new era of modern science. He is recognized as the greatest physicist since Galileo and Newton.

Einstein’s greatest achievement in his life is the proposal of the theory of relativity, and Einstein also put forward a lot of scientific conjectures according to the theory of relativity. As time goes on, scientists have found evidence one by one for these conjectures. The proof of each conjecture makes Einstein’s great aura stronger. Now scientists have not found any examples of failure in his conjecture.

Einstein once proposed that there may be three special celestial bodies in the universe according to the theory of relativity, namely three holes: black hole, white hole and wormhole. For these three holes, Einstein only theoretically thought that they might exist, and whether they really exist in the universe is also an unknown number, because these three types of celestial bodies are very extreme celestial bodies.


Scientists are naturally very interested in the three kinds of holes proposed by Einstein’s conjecture. After decades of observation and exploration, scientists have only confirmed the existence of black holes, and the other two kinds of objects, white holes and wormholes, have not been found so far. In April this year, the publication of the first black hole photo officially declared that the black hole in the universe is real.

Black holes, white holes and wormholes are all celestial bodies, but they are different from ordinary celestial bodies. Ordinary celestial bodies have their specific size and mass. However, because the center of these three types of volumes may be a singularity with infinitely small volume and infinitely large mass, they are theoretically a kind of celestial body without entity. Or the entity is too small to care.

Although the size of the singularity in their center may be infinitely small, their mass is surprisingly large, and the resulting gravity can devour any matter that enters its horizon. Black holes have super phagocytic properties, any matter entering its horizon can not escape, including stars and light, so it is impossible to observe black holes directly.


However, the phagocytic ability of black hole is so strong that a dense accretion disk is formed around the black hole. The materials in the accretion disk rub against each other and produce huge energy radiation, which is transmitted to the depth of the universe and finally observed by astronomical telescopes. So we’ll see that there’s a lot of light around the black hole, which is the accretion disk.

At present, scientists have only found two kinds of black holes in the universe. One is the galaxy level black hole, which is similar to the black hole in the center of the galaxy. Its mass is at least several hundred thousand times that of the sun, and some can reach several billion times. It is the real strength of the universe. Stellar black holes are much weaker. They are formed by the death of massive stars and supernova explosions. The reason for the formation of Galaxy level black holes has not yet been found by scientists. It may be more complicated.

In addition to Galaxy level black holes and stellar level black holes, there may be a large number of relatively small black holes in the universe. Due to the weak phagocytic ability of such small black holes, there may be no obvious accretion disk around them, so it is difficult to find such small black holes.


If a black hole is constantly devouring matter and strengthening itself, then the white hole is just the opposite of a black hole. It is constantly ejecting matter and energy. It is a celestial body that only spits but does not eat. It is also a possible extreme celestial body in the universe. Whether the white hole exists is still a mystery. In a word, white hole and black hole are strong at the same level. They can continuously eject energy and matter. If there is such a celestial body in the universe, there is no reason why it can not be found. It is easier to be found than black hole. Some people think that the white hole is just a conjectured celestial body proposed by Einstein’s theory of relativity, it may not exist in the universe.

In addition to black holes and white holes, wormholes are more difficult for people to understand. Wormholes are more like astronomical phenomena. Scientists believe that they may be a kind of space-time channel connecting different parallel universes or different space positions. Although wormholes are still in the theoretical stage, many scientists believe that wormholes exist in the universe.

Wormhole can make people fly faster than light, through which they can travel across the universe. We all know that the universe is vast and vast. No one knows how big the universe is now. The observable range of mankind is 93 billion light-years, which may be just the tip of the iceberg the size of the whole universe. The vast universe also makes the distance between celestial bodies endless. If we want to explore these planets, we must have the advantage of speed, and the minimum speed is also the speed of light. Only flying faster than light can we hope to travel all over the galaxy and the universe.


But Einstein’s theory of relativity tells us that the speed limit of an object is the speed of light. If so, is there any hope for human beings to explore the whole galaxy and the universe? At this time, wormholes give science hope. Compared with a space-time vortex in the wormhole, the velocity of space-time exceeds the speed of light. If we can enter it, we can make the spaceship fly faster than the speed of light and reach the target quickly.

Wormhole is also a hope for human beings to explore the universe. Although it is still in theoretical conjecture, with the continuous progress of science, more advanced detection equipment will be able to detect the existence of wormhole in the future, and human beings may also realize artificial wormhole. At that time, interstellar navigation will no longer be a dream, and human civilization will become a powerful civilization in the universe.

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