Einstein said that time may not exist, humans are just cheated by memory, why?

13.8 billion years ago, with the big bang of a mysterious singularity, the universe was born. After the birth of the universe began to form a variety of materials, celestial bodies and galaxies. And relative to the matter that we can see, the most mysterious things born after the Big Bang are those things that can’t be seen or touched, such as space and time.

Space and time are born at the same time as the universe, and we can understand space better. After all, we live in a three-dimensional space. But it’s hard for us to understand time. Many people may say, what’s the complexity of time? Don’t we deal with time every day? The samsara of the four seasons of the year, the rotation of 24 hours a day, every minute, every second, isn’t this time?

In fact, the introduction to time in human cognition is only our own definition, such as 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, etc. These are all human definitions. If there are other alien civilizations in the universe, the definition of time in different civilizations will be very different. Some civilizations may define a minute as 100 seconds, while others may One hour can be defined as 30 minutes.


Which of these civilizations is the right definition of time? Perhaps every civilization thinks that its own definition of time is correct. But the real situation may be that our definition of time is not the essence of cosmic time at all, and these definitions of time may be wrong. So what is the real essence of cosmic time? What is time?

The mystery of time has been discussed by many wise people since ancient times, and the conclusions are naturally different. After the era of science and technology, more and more scientists began to explore the mystery of time. For example, Einstein, the great physicist in modern times, had a deep study of time and put forward his own opinions and views on time.

After Einstein put forward the theory of relativity, he applied the theory of relativity to put forward his own view on time. He thought that matter and time can not be separated, they are closely linked together, and in the world of thinking, time is unpredictable. In short, Einstein thought that time does not exist, human beings are just cheated by memory.

Einstein thought that time is only the product of people’s subjective consciousness, just a deception of the brain to us. Scientists naturally have different views on Einstein’s theory of nonexistence of time. Some people agree with Einstein’s theory that time does not exist. But more people still think that time exists, but it is not a concept understood by human beings.


We often talk about the concept of time and space. The so-called time and space is actually the combination of time and space. Since time and space exist, then time probably exists. So what’s the use of time in the universe? Is it just a thing to record events? Maybe it’s not that simple.

In the probability of space-time, time is in front of space, which shows that the complexity and mystery of time is far beyond the concept of space. For space, scientists have begun to study it, and it is a relatively easy thing to study and explore. Because, we are surrounded by space, the universe is a complex large space.

One of the important reasons why scientists try to study the mysteries of space is to explore the universe. As we all know, the vast space of the universe is too large for us to imagine. Light years and light speed can only be regarded as basic units in the universe. The distance between stars can be as little as a few light years, as much as hundreds or thousands of light years.


In front of the vast universe, in order to realize the exploration of the universe, the spaceship must achieve the speed beyond imagination, and the most basic speed is the speed of light. Even if the spaceship can fly at the speed of light, we still can’t get out of the galaxy. Only when we can fly at the speed of light can we hope to get out of the galaxy and go to other galaxies.

However, ordinary superluminal flight can still explore a very limited universe. With the 92 billion light-years of the universe that can be observed by human beings, it needs a speed beyond our imagination to realize exploration. This speed has already been recognized by us. Therefore, to realize the free exploration of the universe, we need to break the probability of speed and find a new way. And this is the wormhole theory put forward by scientists.

Wormholes connect two remote space locations. Even if they are separated by millions of light years or hundreds of millions of light years, only one wormhole needs to be opened and can be reached through the past. To turn wormhole theory into reality, we need to solve the mystery of space. Of course, as long as human beings continue to work hard, it will not take too long to achieve this.

If we can find a certain way to explore and study space, then we have no clue about time, because up to now, scientists have not been able to really determine whether time exists. Although many scientists agree that time exists, they can not find any definite evidence to prove it in the universe. The reason is that time is closely related to modern physics There are many contradictions.


If time exists, then the reverse flow of time, parallel world and parallel universe will probably exist. I believe that when some friends read some fairy novels, they will put forward the concept of time river. The so-called time river is a channel composed entirely of time, which connects different periods of time and different parallel worlds.

If scientists confirm the existence of time in the future and successfully uncover the mystery of time, it will be possible to travel through time and space, go back to the past and go to the future, or even travel through different parallel worlds. I believe that every friend expects time to be real, so we will have unlimited possibilities in the future. Even in a sense, time represents eternal life.

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