Einstein wrote a letter to mankind 5000 years later. What is the warning?

Albert Einstein is the greatest genius in the world. He is a Jewish physicist. He grew up in a Jewish family. He graduated from the Federal Institute of technology in Zurich in 1900 and obtained Swiss nationality.

Because of the success in explaining the photoelectric effect, he was awarded a doctor of philosophy by the University of Zurich in 1905, and won the Nobel Prize in physics in 1921. In 1905, he founded the special theory of relativity. After ten years of thinking, he founded the general theory of relativity in 1915. Einstein, with many achievements, wrote a letter to mankind 5000 years later at the age of 59. What is the content of the letter? Why did he write this letter?


The contents of the letter are as follows:

Our era is full of creative inventions, which greatly facilitates our lives. We use electric energy to liberate human beings from heavy physical labor.


We can cross the ocean, we have learned to fly, and even through radio waves, we can easily send messages to every corner of the world.

However, the production and distribution of commodities are completely unorganized, and people have to worry and rush for their livelihood. People living in different countries always kill each other after a period of time. This makes everyone who thinks about the future full of worry and fear.


In fact, Einstein wrote this letter because he participated in an activity launched by Westinghouse Electric Company of Japan at the 1938 World Expo in New York. This activity is to put some gifts, such as letters, seeds, daily necessities, etc., into an alloy container. After that, the alloy cabin will be buried underground and opened by the world 5000 years later. So Einstein, who was invited to participate in this activity, wrote this letter for his descendants 5000 years later.

As a great scientist beyond the times, the core of Einstein’s letter is to tell people that science and technology has brought earth shaking changes to human beings. But at the same time, he also hopes that this letter can give some warning to human beings that science and technology will develop rapidly in the future. Once it is used in the wrong place, it is likely to destroy the earth and cause irreparable disasters The consequences of return.


Xiao Bian thinks that human development has its own rules. Even if Einstein said something or did something, it doesn’t matter much. Because the development of human beings has always been the decision-making of group wisdom, future human beings will certainly make the most beneficial things for themselves based on the development characteristics of their times.

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