Einstein’s brain was divided into 240 pieces, which were carefully guarded, and the final results were incredible

In the history of human development, there have been many great people, these great people can be said to be the dragon and Phoenix in the people, in their respective fields reached the peak of their ability, leading the people to pursue. Up to now, human civilization can not grow without the discovery and guidance of these “giants”. Even just relying on an unformed idea and bold speculation, human beings have taken a crucial step, especially in the field of science.


Although the development of society is driven by many common and complex factors, science and technology has always been the primary productive force, and the importance of science and technology need not be mentioned. Now the development of science and technology has long represented the comprehensive strength of a big country. Although it is inseparable from the development and efforts in various fields, the most intuitive feeling is the convenience brought by the improvement of science and technology and the improved quality of life.

In the past hundred years, the rapid development of science and technology has exceeded people’s imagination, and has also changed this society, changed an era, and changed people’s way of life. From ancient carriages to modern cars, airplanes, spacecrafts and unmanned intelligent cars, people can really feel the charm of science and technology. When it comes to the development of science and technology, we have to mention several great men in the field of science. They even advance the development of human beings a few years or decades! It is precisely because Newton, Einstein and other giants who have influenced the development of human beings have pointed out the direction for human beings on the road to science that the technology that provides convenience for people today can be formed.


When it comes to Einstein, a great man of the century, you will not be unfamiliar with him. He can be said to be the leader and pioneer of modern science and technology. All kinds of ideas put forward in his lifetime have been confirmed today, and he is also recognized as one of the greatest physicists in human history. After the death of this great man, an unexpected thing happened.


Einstein made a will that the body would be cremated directly after death, but the doctor who was in charge of him at that time had a strong interest in science and was Einstein’s admirer. Finally, the doctor named Thomas Harvey secretly stole Einstein’s brain behind Einstein’s family.

Harvey hoped to find out why Einstein was so smart by studying Einstein’s brain. Then Harvey divided Einstein’s brain into 240 pieces, bought a lot of preserved equipment, and carried out research day and night. This event was soon discovered by people, and many scientists from all over the world come here, hoping to find clues from this great man’s brain that can be beneficial to human development. In this way, Harvey has been preserving Einstein’s brain for 43 years. Among them, the leading scientists and researchers in the scientific community have also studied it together for decades. There are no less than 100 scientists coming here, but many of them have studied it with the support of the local government. Even if there are special discoveries, they will not be published.


However, one of the research groups made some amazing remarks. They believed that Einstein was so talented because he was born. Even if he had to work hard, he was actually a genius from birth. According to the research of this group, it is found that the parietal lobe of this great man’s brain, which is responsible for a person’s mathematical thinking, abstract power and imagination, is about 15% wider than that of ordinary people. This is also the reason why Einstein has such a gifted thinking.


At present, our understanding of the brain is just like our understanding of the universe. We only see the tip of the iceberg and the surface. What do you say?

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