Einstein’s brain was stolen, and the thief was protected by the U.S. government and became his private property

Einstein is the greatest scientist in history, he put forward many theories, invented many patents, and made outstanding contributions to the development of human beings, but Einstein still can’t match aging. In 1955, he died, and the scientific community lost an arm. When everyone was immersed in the pain of Einstein’s death, a thief, his autopsy doctor Thomas Harvey, actually took a fancy to his brain. Before Einstein was cremated, Harvey carefully took out Einstein’s brain completely, put it in antiseptic liquid and hid it. When Einstein was cremated the next day, we didn’t know that this brain was just an empty shell. So why did Thomas Harvey take Einstein’s brain?


Einstein’s intelligence is unparalleled in the world. His brain must be different from that of ordinary people. It was out of curiosity about Einstein’s brain that Harvey took his brain out and took it back for research. Such behavior made him bear the curse of his life. Although Harvey is burdened with names, he doesn’t avoid them. Instead, he immerses himself in research and takes Einstein’s brain as his personal property.

For the U.S. government, Einstein’s brain is absolutely a valuable asset, it has important value. However, the government has no right to take Harvey’s personal brain as its own, nor can it force Harvey to return it. However, it is worried that the brain will be stolen or damaged, so it sent federal agents to protect it. Interestingly, in order to realize Einstein’s dream of traveling all over the American continent, Harvey took Einstein’s brain across the whole American continent. What Harvey didn’t know was that he walked 4000 kilometers, and federal agents followed him 4000 kilometers.


Harvey divided Einstein’s brain into 240 pieces, took many pictures of the brain, and sent some of them to famous scientists for research. In the process of studying the brain, Harvey successively lent the brain to various countries. Researchers in some countries believe that Einstein’s brain is not very different from that of ordinary people, and they have come to very healthy conclusions. However, some researchers observed the holographic projection of the brain and were surprised to find that Einstein’s brain was born with some overlapping areas, which made Einstein more interested in mathematics and space knowledge and easier to produce new knowledge.


Of course, whether these studies are true or not, the scientific community has not yet reached a consensus, and in the future research, we may be able to reveal the reasons for Einstein’s extraordinary intelligence, let’s wait and see.

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