Einstein’s confusion! You are the only one left in the world. Will you open the door when you hear the knock?

It is often said that genius is on the left and madman is on the right. We are just ordinary people in the middle. When it comes to genius, do you sigh that the world’s peerless genius like Einstein is probably rare in a hundred years!


The mass energy equation he put forward revealed the relationship between the mass and energy of things, and laid a foundation for later researchers to explore the mysterious and powerful nuclear matter.

When it comes to the distortion of time and space, science lovers must be able to think of Einstein’s confusion


If you were the only one left on the earth and there was a knock outside, would you open the door?


Although this question is only 20 or 30 words, it is very frightening.

Imagine that if you are the only one left on the earth, you will feel lonely. After all, human beings are socialized and collectivized animals. In the process of our survival, we must deal with other individuals.


And you’re alone in the room, and when you hear the sound, do you open the door? There is no doubt that there is a knock at the door in this situation. The atmosphere is very strange and terrifying. You will feel scared because you know that there is no one else except you. In this case, who knocked at the door? Is it the dead? Or civilization from outside the earth? Or are they just small animals?


Einstein gave the answer, in fact, the people inside and outside the door are you, this is the theory of space-time distortion.

The universe is composed of innumerable parallel universes. When the end of the world comes, it leads to space disorder. Time dimensions such as past and future have lost the meaning of existence. If multiple parallel universes intersect with each other, you will meet yourself in the parallel universe, but you don’t know each other’s existence.


For the person inside the door, the person knocking on the door is outside and he is inside, while for the person outside the door, he is inside and the other person is outside. At this time, once you unknowingly open the door and see another self, the parallel universe will merge into one, and space-time distortion will occur. The parallel universe will form space disorder in the matter with zero mass. One of them is that you are destined to be torn into atoms and instantly disappear in the form of gamma rays.


Xiao Bian believes that Einstein’s theory of relativity overturned people’s understanding of classical physics. In the past, people thought that the world and the universe were flat, but the theory of relativity overturned this point.

The theory of relativity is of great significance in the development of modern weapons and aviation technology. It gives us a new understanding of the world, that is, the faster an object moves, the slower time will become in the eyes of the observer. When we can reach such a fast speed, we may be able to get rid of the constraints of time.

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