Einstein’s intelligence quotient is not the highest. There is a man who is smarter than him. They are still colleagues

The 20th century is an era of rapid scientific development and progress. It is precisely because of this brilliant era that all the great scientists behind have today’s development, from plowing and hoeing, horseback riding and fighting to emerging and developed science and technology. When it comes to scientists, the most famous great scientist is Einstein. In people’s eyes, he is a genius, and he is also praised by everyone as the most intelligent and greatest scientist in the 20th century.


Einstein’s great contributions and theories need not be mentioned. History will always remember them. However, when it comes to intelligence, he is not the most intelligent scientist. In some anecdotes, it is recorded that such a man is much smarter than Einstein, and this man, who happens to be around him, is still his colleague, but he is not well known, and his reputation is not as widespread as Einstein. In the prieston Institute of advanced studies, it is generally acknowledged that this man is smarter than everyone else, even more than many people who have won the Nobel Prize in physics. So who is he?

This man was considered a genius when he was a child. He had the ability of never forgetting and excellent mathematical talent since he was a child. At the age of 6, he was able to calculate 8-digit division with mental arithmetic. At the age of 8, he completely mastered calculus. At the age of 12, he understood the main points in boleyre’s function theory. This is something ordinary children can’t compare with. In today’s words, he is a child prodigy, a God, a bully When he was in college, he and his father reached an agreement to study chemistry because of financial pressure, but every year he would go to another university to take a math exam. He never heard of a class taught by the University during his time, and finally got a doctorate in mathematics from this university. How good is his math? Colleagues in the same laboratory said that they had to use computers to calculate the results overnight, and this smart man only needed half an hour of mental calculation, which is undoubtedly the only situation when mathematics has reached its peak.


He was an extraordinary man, and his name was John von Neumann. One of his most famous scientific contributions is the creation of von Neumann system, which is an advanced theory in the field of computer operating system. Therefore, he is also known as the “father of computer”. At present, the theory of operating system architecture put forward by scientists in the computer field still can not surpass this theory. This great man also wrote game theory, which can be called the father of game theory. With the help of his solid mathematical foundation, he was valued by various scientific research departments in the United States. Among them, he was invited to be a consultant of the atomic bomb in the United States and made important contributions to the development of the atomic bomb.


Unfortunately, this great scientist suffered from illness and left the world at the age of 54, leaving people with infinite regret. And we must bear in mind that it is because of these great and dedicated scientists that we have this beautiful and fascinating era.

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