Einstein’s other two predictions have not come true, one brings hope, the other brings destruction

We have to thank the great scientists in the history of science and technology for their achievements. Science is a kind of knowledge to explain the mysteries of all things. It is hidden around us with the birth of the universe. However, it is not an easy thing to discover these existing sciences. It needs University questioners.

In the hundreds of years of human science and technology, there have been many scientists, but few of them can be called great. Many people know that Newton, Einstein and so on are great scientists, and in this group of great scientists, Einstein ranks first.

There are two great achievements in Einstein’s life. One is to put forward the mass energy equation and explain the relationship between mass and energy. The other is the great theory of relativity, which explains the basic mystery of space-time in the universe. We should know that after entering the era of science and technology, human beings have always had a strong curiosity about the vast and mysterious universe and want to explore the mystery of the universe.


But it’s not so easy to explore the universe, there’s no basic scientific direction, there’s no way to start. However, Einstein’s theory of relativity transcended the times and came to the world over a long period of time, pointing out the direction for human beings to study the universe. Scientists have pointed out that the theory of relativity has surpassed the times for several centuries. Even in the next century, we are still unable to jump out of the theoretical framework of the theory of relativity.

From this, we can see how great Einstein was and how great he contributed to mankind. Einstein has pushed human science and technology forward for at least 100 years. Such great scientists, regardless of their insight and brain holes, are far superior to ordinary people. They can always see things that ordinary people can’t see or think of. So great scientists like to predict the future, and so does Einstein.

On the way to explore the unknown, Einstein put forward many bold and subversive conjectures. In the eyes of people at that time, these conjectures were no doubt impossible and could not be true.


However, with the rapid development of science and technology, later scientists verified these conjectures one by one, and basically turned them into real theories. Time mercilessly slapped those who laughed at him at that time, and proved Einstein’s amazing wisdom once again.

Einstein’s conjecture theory has been confirmed one by one, so people have to pay attention to his conjecture and speculation that has not been confirmed. On December 26, 2015, two gravitational wave detectors at Bai in Hanford district and Livingston, Louisiana detected a gravitational wave signal at the same time, which confirmed the existence of gravitational wave.

Gravitational wave is also a prediction put forward by Einstein in 1916. So far, Einstein’s prediction has not been realized. One brings hope and the other brings destruction.


1、 Wormhole shuttle Technology

The core of industrial development is energy, and the core of scientific and technological progress is also energy. Without energy, all science and technology can only be discussed on paper and cannot be realized. Since human beings entered the industrial age, they have been using fossil energy, which is basically non renewable resources.

With the rapid development of human science and technology, the depletion of the earth’s resources is an inevitable result. Some scientists once believed that the earth’s resources would be exhausted in a few hundred years. Without resources, the development of human science and technology would not be able to move forward, or even regress.


If the earth’s resources are exhausted, where should human beings go to obtain resources and continue to develop? People naturally think of the universe beyond the earth. The resources of the universe are vast and infinite, but the resources in the solar system are also very limited, which can not make human development for a long time. When mankind strides from the first level civilization to the second level civilization, the resources of the solar system may be exhausted.

After the resources of the solar system are used up, we can only get resources out of the solar system and go to other galaxies. Moreover, the solar system is not the permanent home of human beings. We should know that the life of the sun is also limited. When its hydrogen element is consumed, it will enter the final red giant stage. The solar helium flash will destroy the earth. At that time, if human beings want to survive, they must leave the solar system.

Whether it is the development of science and technology or for the survival of mankind, leaving the solar system is something we must do in the future. However, facing the solar system with a diameter of 2 light-years, it is not so easy to go out, and even if we go out of the solar system, we are facing more exaggerated interstellar distance.


The average distance between stars is more than a few light years. For example, the nearest nearby galaxy is 4.2 light years. Facing the space whose basic distance is in light years, we need a very fast speed if we want to move vertically and horizontally. Einstein’s theory of relativity tells us that the speed of light cannot be surpassed, and the speed of a mass object can only be infinitely close to the speed of light.

Some friends may have said that as long as humans can fly at 99.99% of the speed of light, they can get out of the solar system in a short time. Even if they reach the Bilin galaxy, it only takes thousands of time. Although the theory is so, according to the research of scientists, if we only increase the speed of objects to cross the interstellar space, we can’t achieve 10% of the speed of light, let alone the exaggerated 99% of the speed of light.

And if we want to cross the galaxy and the universe, we need a super speed of light, which is what we call super speed of light. But isn’t it impossible to surpass the speed of light? Besides the theory of light speed limit, relativity also brings another hope, that is, the theory of space-time distortion.


Einstein proposed in general relativity that space is not as flat as people’s conventional cognition, and it can be distorted in most cases. The larger the mass of the celestial body, the greater the distortion effect on space. This effect is mainly reflected in the degree of distortion, just like we put an iron ball on a thick sponge, which will cause serious deformation.

When the space-time is extremely distorted, theoretically, two points far away from each other may overlap. At this time, the distance between the two space-time points will be very close, which is a way of distorting and folding space. In the theory of space distortion, Einstein put forward the wormhole theory.

Of course, the earliest proposer of the concept of wormhole was not Einstein. He was an Austrian scientist named Ludwig Fromm. Einstein’s contribution was mainly to improve the wormhole theory.


Theoretically speaking, wormhole can be realized. It can solve the problem that objects cannot break through the speed limit of light, and make the distance of the universe very short, so as to realize space jump. With wormhole shuttle technology, we can cross the stars and become a powerful civilization in the universe. Human beings will not lack resources for development, and civilization will continue for a longer time.

2、 Nuclear war ends humanity

I believe everyone is familiar with nuclear weapons. At the end of World War II, the United States gathered a large number of scientists to develop this terrible weapon through continuous efforts. In fact, Einstein also made a great contribution to the study of nuclear weapons. He wrote to President Roosevelt at that time, in which he affirmed the importance of uranium and the powerful power of nuclear weapons.


With Einstein’s suggestion, the United States finally gathered thousands of scientists, a large number of people to participate in the Manhattan Project, and finally brought the atomic bomb to the world. After the advent of this powerful nuclear weapon, the scene of destruction was staged in Japan, which made people realize its terrible destructive power for the first time.

After the first explosion of the atomic bomb in the world, Einstein left a thoughtful prediction: “I don’t know what weapons were used in the Third World War, but I know that the fourth World War must be stone and stick.”.

Some friends may think that this is Einstein’s blind worry and alarmist talk. Human beings can’t degenerate to using stones and sticks because of nuclear war. But in fact, Einstein did not exaggerate at all. With the number and power of nuclear weapons currently possessed by mankind, once a nuclear war breaks out, the whole world will fall into the end, and the scientific and technological civilization will come to an end.


Even those who survived by chance could only survive until the radiation completely dissipated. As time goes by and human beings continue, scientific and technological knowledge will gradually disappear, and human civilization will return to the origin.

The tenacity of life sometimes exceeds people’s imagination, but the fragility of civilization also exceeds people’s imagination. A terrible global resource crisis is enough to make the scientific and technological civilization degenerate into primitive civilization. In fact, this is a better result. What’s more terrible is that nuclear war will directly clear all human beings and become a passer-by of history.

The above two predictions, which have not yet been realized, are naturally a joy and a worry for human beings. If human beings want to get rid of the possible second fate, they can only strive to develop science and technology rapidly, get rid of the shackles of the earth and the solar system as soon as possible. Spread human’s steps all over many galaxies. At that time, even if there was a nuclear war on the earth, human civilization would continue to be passed on to other planets, rather than end.

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