Einstein’s question: if there is only one person left in the world, do you want to open the door when you hear the knock?

The process of human exploration of the universe is not achieved overnight, in this long time, we will encounter all kinds of obstacles. Although China has become a big Aerospace country, Yang Liwei encountered strange events when he was on a mission in the universe. At that time, he heard a strange knock on the door. Who would make the knock?


Yang Liwei was not disturbed by the knock at the door at that time. He still finished his work and returned to the earth safely. At that time, many netizens speculated that the knock was probably an alien greeting him. The truth of this incident was not revealed until 17 years later. It turned out that this was not caused by aliens, but by the pressure difference inside and outside the capsule. After seeing Yang Liwei’s action, many people are still scared. If he opened the door because of curiosity at that time, we might not be able to bear the price.

After seeing what happened to Yang Liwei, many people think of Einstein. He once asked a question: if there is only himself left in the world and there is a knock on the door, do you want to open the door? Some people think that the problem itself is self contradictory. If you are really the only one left in the world, who will knock on the door? If someone is really knocking at the door, it means that the world is not only their own.


Some people have put forward a view that it is not human beings who knock on the door, but extraterrestrial life. Until now, we have not been able to find any trace of aliens. Many people believe that life is real, and the universe is also full of seeds of life. However, it is difficult to find aliens with the current scientific and technological means of human beings. If there is only one person left on the earth, it means that great changes have taken place in the earth’s environment. The earth itself is a planet with abundant resources. How can aliens be indifferent when they see such a situation?


Some people think that the person who knocks at the door may be himself who is parallel to time and space. Space and time itself are in a multidimensional space. Maybe at a certain moment, if space changes, then space-time distortion will be formed. The universe we see is not the only one. Maybe there are many parallel universes at the same time. Scientists have put forward such a view that time does not pass, the world we live in is related to another time and space, but people have not found it.

Maybe only when the end of the world comes and time and space are distorted can we see ourselves in another time and space. So many people think that if there is only one person left in the world, then the knock outside the door may be the knock of another time and space. Of course, these answers are still in the theoretical stage, which will not happen. I don’t know what you think?

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