Einstein’s three major predictions indicate the future of mankind, but scientists are not happy!

There is a scientist who plays an important role in the world. Many people even suspect that he came from outer space, or even a passer-by. This scientist is known as Einstein. More than half a century ago, the theory put forward by Einstein was out of step with that at that time, but now it is gradually becoming a reality. At this time, we realized that Einstein’s thought was really ahead of time, and we can’t ignore many of his predictions.

Einstein had predicted the future of the earth and the fate of mankind when he was alive. Einstein’s three major predictions spread on the Internet. Many people are happy and worried after reading these three predictions. One of them makes people feel afraid. What did Einstein say?


His first prediction

It predicts the future of mankind



In the future, he claims, humans may return to the stone age. In fact, the development of human civilization is also a history of war. Although the two world wars have ended, human beings will not end the war. With the development of human civilization, the earth’s resources have been nearly poor. If the population continues to grow, then a war is likely to break out in the future because of the resources. Human beings have mastered nuclear weapons. If the third world war is dominated by nuclear weapons, then after the war, human beings will return to the stone age.

This is because once nuclear weapons are used in war, nuclear radiation is inevitable. All parts of the world are likely to be polluted by heavy nuclear radiation. Even if many people can survive, then the earth environment at that time can only start again. Human civilization will undergo a reconstruction, and human beings will start to develop again from the stone age. Therefore, Einstein predicted that if the third world war is not over, then in the future, if human beings are carrying out war, the weapons used can only be stone tools.


His second prediction is

Man cannot escape from the solar system



Since the last century, we have launched probes into the universe and sent astronauts into space. The earth’s resources have been exhausted, and the earth’s environment has also undergone irreversible changes, so human beings also hope to carry out interstellar migration and settle down on another planet. The problem that human beings want to survive on other planets is speed. Einstein claimed that no object in the world can surpass the speed of light, so he believed that speed is the shackle of human interstellar migration. Human beings can never leave the solar system and can only move in a limited range.

His third prediction is


Human beings can travel in time and space


Although we can’t escape from the solar system, we can still carry out activities in the solar system. As long as we can find the wormhole, we can greatly shorten the time and speed and go to another space-time. He believes that there is a wormhole in the universe that can enter other spacetime, and the entrance is a black hole, and the exit is a white hole. Now that human beings have found black holes, we can theoretically travel through time and space as long as we find white holes and wormholes.


In addition to Einstein, Hawking also predicted the passage of time and space. He believed that there should be countless wormholes in the universe. Maybe there are wormholes on the earth, but we didn’t find them. In terms of the current scientific and technological means, we have no way to detect the existence of time and space tunnel, so the current time and space travel is still at the theoretical level. According to them, if in the future humans can find the wormhole, which has been in an infinitely open state, then humans can go to any time and space. Many people feel sad and happy after hearing Einstein’s three predictions. If his third prediction can be realized, it means that human civilization will achieve a qualitative leap. And if the first prediction comes true, where should we go? I don’t know what you think?

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