Einstein’s three predictions have not yet come true, one of which is a warning of the future of mankind

Millions of years ago, the earth, the third closest planet to the sun in the solar system, after billions of years of life evolution, finally gave birth to intelligent human beings. After the birth of human beings, it has gone through a long period of evolution, the birth of characters 5000 years ago, since then, human beings have entered a period of civilization development.

After thousands of years of development, human civilization finally started the industrial revolution hundreds of years ago and formally entered the road of scientific and technological development. The power of science and technology makes people feel incredible. It constantly solves the mysteries of the world and makes great changes in human life.

Why can human science and technology develop so rapidly for hundreds of years? One of the important reasons is the birth of a group of great scientists, such as Newton, Einstein and so on. If you want to ask who is the greatest and most outstanding scientist in modern science, I believe many people will answer Einstein.


Yes, Einstein is the greatest scientist in the history of modern human science. His theory of relativity shocked the whole scientific community, and also influenced the later scientists without mathematics and physics. Some people think that Einstein’s theory of relativity is only superficial, and the real powerful cognition and application are far from being realized. It may also affect the development of science and technology for at least hundreds of years.

Every great scientist is extremely intelligent and far sighted, so in addition to studying the existing scientific theories, these scientists often like to put forward all kinds of conjectures about the future. Ordinary people’s conjecture about the future is totally crazy, but the conjecture of great scientists is different. There must be a certain scientific theoretical basis, and they will not imagine it out of thin air.

Einstein’s conjecture was very many, especially after the theory of relativity was put forward, the conjecture based on the theory of relativity was very bold, which made many scientists at that time feel incredible. For example, clock slow effect, light shift, gravitational redshift and gravitational wave are all great conjectures put forward by Einstein, which have been proved by continuous research and exploration. This shows how great Einstein is. The conjecture he put forward 100 years ago has been confirmed today.

In addition to these confirmed conjectures, Einstein still has three conjectures that are not expected to come true, one of which is a warning of the future of mankind. So which three conjectures specifically predict? Now let’s take a look.


The first prediction: the existence of cosmological constants. When Einstein studied the gravitational field equation in 1917, in order to explain the existence of a static universe with non-zero material density, he introduced a constant into the equation, which is commonly known as the “cosmological constant”. Cosmological constant is faced with the whole macro universe, its value is very small, if only in the solar system, the Milky way such a small scale, this constant is basically negligible.

Cosmological constant plays a repulsive role in our universe, which makes our universe expand rapidly. Many mysteries of the universe can be revealed through it, but Einstein’s conjecture about this cosmological constant was questioned and opposed by many scientists at that time. In particular, Hubble, a famous scientist at that time, firmly denied the existence of cosmological constants.

Due to the limited observation ability and knowledge of the universe at that time, coupled with a lot of questioning pressure, Einstein gave up cosmological constant and considered it “the biggest mistake in his life”. Is Einstein’s prediction really wrong? Time gives the doubter a loud slap in the face.


At the end of the 20th century, when scientists observed some special astronomical phenomena in the universe, they found that only by introducing Einstein’s cosmological constants can they be explained. So the cosmological constant once again attracted the attention of scientists, with the proof of dark matter and dark energy, the existence of cosmological constant has also been proved, it is no longer a non-existent value.

And with the deepening of the exploration of the universe, the discovery of cosmological constants is of great significance. Unfortunately, until now, we still have no way to calculate the specific value of cosmological constants. Therefore, the desire to solve more mysteries of the universe through this constant can not be realized at present. We can only look forward to the future and the efforts of scientists.

The second prediction: wormhole shuttle realizes interstellar navigation. One of the important reasons why human beings can turn the earth into a global village and make the distance between people zero is the rapid development of transportation. It is with the help of human science and technology, with advanced means of transportation, it is no longer a problem to travel all over the earth. With super fast speed, our understanding of the earth has been greatly improved.

Therefore, in the exploration of the world and the universe, we should always remember that speed is the king. As long as we have super fast speed, there is no place we can’t go. However, when humans walk out of the earth and see the vast universe, their original pride disappears. Why? It turns out that the universe is too big for us to imagine. In the earth, the basic distance unit is meters, while in the universe, the basic distance unit is light years.


The basic speed corresponding to light years is the speed of light, but even if human beings achieve the speed of light, they still can’t get out of the galaxy, let alone explore the whole universe. And according to Einstein’s theory of relativity, the speed of a mass object can only be infinitely close to the speed of light, but cannot reach it. If the speed of the spaceship is limited by the speed of light, is there any hope for mankind to realize the dream of exploring the universe?

If the speed is limited by the speed of light, is the space exploration that human beings are striving for still meaningful? Because no matter how hard you try to develop technology, you can only be trapped in the galaxy and can’t go out. Is that true? Although Einstein put forward the theory of relativity, the speed limit under the theory of relativity is the speed of light, but Einstein did not completely deny the possibility of superluminal flight.

So Einstein put forward another bold guess: space crossing technology, which some people call space jumping, others call wormhole shuttle. The concept of wormhole was first proposed by physicist Ludwig Fromm in 1916, and this theory was perfected by Einstein and Nathan Rosen when they discussed “gravitational field” in 1935, so wormhole is also known as “Einstein Rosen bridge”.


Its theoretical basis is Einstein’s general theory of relativity, which tells us that space is not hard and flat, but similar to the spatial structure of elastic membrane. When you apply mass to the universe, it distorts space. In theory, space distortion can make two very distant space points closer or even fold.

Wormhole is a twisted channel connecting the two space points. It can quickly realize the shuttle between long distances. There is almost no upper limit on the speed, and it can easily break through the speed of light. Only when humans have realized the wormhole shuttle technology can it be possible to explore the universe, otherwise we will be trapped in the limited scope of the galaxy forever.

Of course, it’s very difficult to realize the artificial wormhole. It needs human beings to have a comprehensive understanding of space, and it also needs a very powerful energy to open the wormhole. However, some scientists have suggested that there may be some natural wormholes in the universe. These wormholes are hidden in every corner. As long as we can find such wormholes, we can also realize wormholes shuttle and navigate quickly between the stars.

At present, the probability of wormholes is only a theoretical study. Whether there are natural wormholes in the universe is still unknown. And we almost know nothing about wormholes. We don’t know what they are. Some people once thought that black holes might be wormholes, but this view can’t be confirmed.


The third prediction: the outcome of mankind may not be very good. I believe many people have guessed about the future of mankind. People in ancient times also speculated about what will happen to mankind thousands of years later? Our ancestors believed and guessed: what would human beings look like after tens of thousands of years? So similarly, modern human beings will guess what kind of human development will be in thousands of years and tens of thousands of years?

Maybe many people think that with the rapid development of science and technology, the future of mankind must be bright. Thousands of years later, tens of thousands of years later, mankind may have become the overlord of the galaxy and a powerful interstellar civilization. Is it really such a beautiful development?

Einstein is a great scientist, but also a peace loving person. Among his many predictions, there are also predictions about the future of mankind. What about Einstein’s prediction of the future of mankind? Einstein’s prediction of human is almost the same as Hawking’s. He is not optimistic about the future of human and thinks that the end of human may not be good. Why?


After the study of the atomic bomb, Einstein left a very classic saying: I don’t know what weapons to use in the Third World War, but I know that the fourth World War must use stones and sticks. Einstein’s prediction tells us that human beings may return to the stone age in the future. Maybe many people think, how is this possible? Can the development of human civilization regress?

In fact, if we think about it carefully, this possibility is not entirely absent. We should know that with the rapid development of human science and technology, the power of weapons is becoming more and more powerful. Especially after the emergence of nuclear weapons with super radiation and destructive power, the possibility of human being being being being killed by nuclear weapons is greatly increased. If there is a third world war in the future, we will definitely not use nuclear weapons in our junior high school.

But if the war goes on to the later stage and becomes white hot, will human reason still exist? It’s unlikely. You should know that the most ruthless is war. Once war breaks out, who will manage the Earth Crisis and human crisis? Every country does not want to be exterminated. In the end, the use of nuclear weapons will become inevitable.

As long as one country uses nuclear weapons, other countries will naturally launch nuclear bombs regardless of any human crisis. At that time, nuclear bombs were everywhere. Once a nuclear war broke out, the earth’s ecology would collapse and the world would fall into a nuclear radiation crisis. The few who survived could only live in the mountains and forests, and technology would no longer exist. With the passage of time, a few people who survived at the beginning returned to the primitive society of the stone age, and then slowly developed.


In fact, the above situation is better. At least human beings have not been ended, and some people still survive. If it is a bad situation, after the world falls into nuclear pollution, the earth’s ecology completely collapses and there is no possibility of recovery, then all life will continue to end. The few who survived the nuclear war are also hard to survive. In the end, the whole human civilization will disappear completely.

Guys, what do you think of this? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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