Einstein’s three predictions, if the third can be realized, human civilization may continue!

In the process of historical development, scientists have become the leaders who lead us to understand the world. It is because of the existence of scientists that we can avoid many detours on the road of understanding the world. Some scientists can even be said to have created an era. For example, Einstein, as we all know, not only left us precious material wealth, but also left us three predictions. Some even said that the last prediction would even subvert human cognition.


Humans may disappear with bees.

This prophecy was discovered when humans were sorting out Einstein’s manuscripts. He claimed that one day bees will disappear from the earth, and after they disappear, humans will also disappear. When many people see this prophecy, they can’t help wondering, how can the little bee decide the fate of human beings? It’s unthinkable.


In fact, this is not without basis. We all know that the global ecosystem is connected. Although bees are small, they are an indispensable part of the ecosystem. If there is a missing link in the food chain, it is a potential threat to human beings. Once bees disappear, plants that rely on bee pollination will also die out. Eventually, the whole ecosystem will face collapse, and the life on earth may face extinction.


The prophecy of the Third World War.

Nowadays, we advocate civilization, but war is not the way to advocate. But in the process of human development, many dynasty changes and times changes are caused by war. Even now that we have reached a peaceful society, some backward areas are still being beaten by powerful countries. The two world wars have greatly changed the world pattern, and mankind has also suffered unprecedented trauma because of the two wars. Einstein believed that if the Third World War broke out, nuclear weapons might be used, and this result might lead to the end of human civilization.









In many sci-fi movies, wormholes are indispensable. Through the wormholes, the protagonists can travel to every corner of the world and roam in the universe. Einstein believed that wormholes were not imaginary, but real in the universe. Such a statement is subverting our cognition. After all, if human beings want to realize space shuttle, they can only rely on powerful power system, which is just what we can’t achieve now.

If we can find traces of wormholes, we can roam the universe in a short time. Wormholes are the link connecting multiple spacetimes. But until now, we have not found any trace of wormhole. If we can find it, maybe human civilization will continue forever. What do you think of Einstein’s three predictions?

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