Eliminated bones reappear and human beings begin to degenerate? Scientists give two guesses

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3.8 billion years ago, primitive simple life was born in the earth’s oceans. With the passage of time, simple life has been evolving, with more and more species and more complex life. Until millions of years ago, human beings were finally born. It took about 3.8 billion years from simple life to the birth of human beings. It can be seen how difficult it is for life to evolve into intelligent life.


Although human beings have a general understanding of the evolutionary process of life, there are too many mysteries of life. At present, there are still many life mysteries that we have not solved. For example, how did life come from the early Earth? You know, 3.8 billion years ago, there was no life on earth, only some organic matter.

Since there is no life, the early life should be evolved from organic matter, and how did organic matter evolve into primitive life? We should know that with the current scientific and technological strength of human beings, there is no way to create primitive life through organic matter. It can be seen that the evolution process from organic matter to life is far more complicated and mysterious than we think.

The core of life growth is evolution, which follows the natural law of “natural selection, survival of the fittest”. The ancient ancestor of human beings is the ancient ape. Millions of years ago, the ancient ape walked from the tree to the ground, and began to walk on all fours, and gradually evolved into upright walking, which opened the road of wisdom evolution.


In the millions of years of human evolution, with the continuous changes of living environment and other ways, the appearance and skeleton of human body are also changing over time. It took more than 2 million years to become what it is now.

The evolution of life is essentially a process of constantly adapting to the environment. When the environment changes, the direction of biological evolution will follow. Only in this way can organisms survive better, or they will be eliminated by nature.


The continuous change of environment makes the direction of human evolution constantly change, and some things also degenerate and disappear on the road of evolution. In theory, things that degenerated and disappeared on the way of evolution should not appear again. For example, the tail of human beings degenerated and disappeared in the process of evolution, leaving only a little tailbone, which basically will not appear again.

However, according to the latest research of scientists, a piece of bone in the human body that has been degenerating for a long time has miraculously reappeared. What’s the matter? This is a long lost kneecap, the Faber bone. It is estimated that many people have never heard of Faber bone, which can be seen in many mammals.

And our ancestors also had Faber bone, but in the later years of evolution, the human body chose to degenerate it during natural selection, and gradually replaced it by our present kneecap bone. As for why there is such a replacement option, scientists have not given a definite answer at present. Since nature has chosen to replace the Faber bone with a new kneecap, it is certainly conducive to the survival mode of human beings.


From the point of view of the theory of biological evolution, since faberi bone has been degenerating and disappearing for a long time, it should not appear again. However, since the beginning of last century, scientists have found that a small number of people have faberi bone again. At that time, studies found that people with faberi bone accounted for 10% of the total population.

But as time goes on, in 2018, new research found that the proportion has increased to 39%, that is to say, in a short period of time, the number of human beings with Fabry bone is increasing significantly, and the trend of its reappearance has been irresistible. Perhaps in a few decades, fabeigu will be able to reappear completely, and there will be atavism.


Faberi bone degenerated and disappeared a long time ago, indicating that it has no use for human beings, but now it has reappeared. Many people think that this is human degradation, is it really so? From the perspective of evolutionism, life will only become more and more complex and will not degenerate through evolution, which is also an answer given by the law of entropy.

The rebirth of faberi bone does not mean that human beings are degenerating, so why does it reappear in human body? So far, scientists have not found the root cause of this, but only put forward two kinds of conjectures.

1、 With the increasing weight of human body, I believe many people understand that with the help of science and technology, people’s living standard and quality are getting higher and higher. In ancient times, people were often hungry because they didn’t have enough to eat. At that time, there were very few fat people, most of them were very thin, and their weight was relatively low.


However, after entering the era of science and technology, the power of science and technology makes the yield of grain higher and higher, and various kinds of food continue to appear. People no longer have to worry about not having enough to eat, and with the continuous improvement of the quality of life, people’s weight is getting heavier and heavier, and fat people are constantly born.

The increasing weight of the body will bring greater pressure to the knee joint. At this time, in order to reduce the pressure on the knee joint, the long digested and degraded fabeib bone “comeback” and reappear in the human body.


2、 The amount of exercise is increasing. With the continuous improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to health, and the amount of exercise begins to increase. So the degenerated fabeib bone reappeared. For this answer, not many people have been recognized. In terms of the amount of exercise, modern people are totally unable to compare with the ancients.

You know, in ancient times, there was no advanced means of transportation. At that time, people basically went on foot, even thousands of kilometers away. The ancients in daily life, in order to live also need a lot of labor, the amount of exercise activity is far more than modern people.

The amount of exercise of the ancients is far more than that of the modern people, but why didn’t the ancient people reproduce the fabeigu? The reappearance of faberi bone is a matter of the last century, just when human science and technology began to enter the brilliant time. This is obviously not a coincidence. The reappearance of Fabry bone may have a close relationship with human technology, as long as we don’t know what kind of relationship it is.


In any case, Fabry bone is a very beneficial bone for mammals, and it must also have a certain role for humans. It’s just that the ancients couldn’t use this bone because of environmental factors, while modern people may need to use this bone because of environmental changes, so it reappears.

The reappearance of Fabel bone is a good thing for human beings, not a sign of human degeneration. The road of human evolution has been moving forward. For example, the capacity of human brain has decreased by about 10% compared with tens of thousands of years ago, but the intelligence of modern people is far more than tens of thousands of years ago. The decrease of brain capacity does not mean brain degeneration, but is a sign of progress.


This is the same as the CPU of the computer. With the continuous progress of human science and technology, the size of the computer chip is smaller and smaller, but the function is more and more powerful. The same is true of the human brain. In the future, the brain capacity may continue to decrease, but the complexity and precision of the brain will become more and more advanced. This is a manifestation of the evolution of the human body to a higher level of life. We should be happy about this.

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