Enlarge “the last supper” 20 times, you will find a different secret, hidden too deep

I believe everyone should know about Da Vinci, but most of them only know that Da Vinci is a famous painter. Few people know that he is still a scientist or an architect. It can be said that he is an all-round talent. Many of his research materials have not been disclosed to the outside world. The famous scientist Einstein once said that if these scientific research materials of Da Vinci could be made public at that time Science and technology of human civilization can advance for at least 30-50 years.

We don’t know what da Vinci’s scientific research was, but we know more about his identity as a great painter. Many of his masterpieces are known as “Mona Lisa” and “the last supper”, in which “Mona Lisa” describes a woman’s smile, while “the last supper” is based on Jesus’ last supper with the twelve disciples in the Bible Subject matter. The characters’ expressions of panic, anger, doubt, and dissection, as well as their gestures, eyes, and behaviors, are all finely and vividly depicted. It is the most famous one of all the works on this theme. The collection is in the gratitude Church of Santa Maria in Milan, Italy.

The last supper is based on the New Testament. According to the gospel of mark, the last time Jesus went to Jerusalem for Passover, the Jewish chief priests conspired to arrest him at night, but no one led him. Just then Judas, a disciple of Jesus, told the chief rabbi, “how much will you give me when I give him to you?” So the chief rabbi gave Judas 30 yuan. So Judas made an appointment with the chief priest: the man he was kissing was Jesus. On Passover day, Jesus sat down with the 12 disciples for the last supper. He said to the 12 disciples melancholy, “I tell you the truth, one of you is going to betray me!” The 12 disciples were shocked, angry, excited or nervous. “The last supper” shows the tense situation at this moment.


Da Vinci’s the last supper not only represents the peak of his artistic achievements, but also marks the maturity and greatness of the Renaissance artistic creation. This painting has been preserved after many hardships. It has experienced the shelling of naprolon and the bombing of the church in World War II. It is precisely because of the various disasters it has experienced that this painting has been repaired many times, and it is no longer known which one is the real work of Leonardo da Vinci.

Leonardo da Vinci’s famous paintings have been continuously studied by later generations, and many hidden information has been found. Some experts used modern high technology to scan and magnify the Mona Lisa by 40 times, and found another woman. That is to say, the Mona Lisa is actually composed of two paintings, but what we see is only one of them. Who is the other woman hidden behind, now It’s still a mystery.

So if you enlarge the final dinner by 20 times, will there be any unexpected discovery? So some experts tried and found something hidden. We all know that Jesus has an important thing, which is the Holy Grail. The Holy Grail was not seen at the last supper, so where did it go? The Holy Grail is of great significance to Jesus. Da Vinci can’t neglect this. As a careful artist, he can’t forget something as important as the Holy Grail. It must be hidden in a corner of this painting.


Looking closely at the last supper, a woman appeared among the twelve disciples. Isn’t that a strange thing? Why is there a woman among the twelve? And this woman is still sitting on the left side of Jesus, which is the position of St. John. Some people speculate that this woman may be Jesus’ lover. No matter who this woman is, she must be a very important person around Jesus, otherwise it is impossible to sit in this position.

Another detail is that although this woman is on Jesus’ left hand side, she is far away from Jesus and forms a V shape. Does this imply anything? You know, the reduced letter of the Holy Grail is v. did Da Vinci hide the Holy Grail here? Maybe Jesus did not dare to take out the Holy Grail easily. He was afraid to let his disciples understand the true meaning of the Holy Grail. Once people knew it, they might no longer believe in Jesus. After all, the real Jesus was just a mortal.

Guys, where do you think the Grail is hidden? Welcome to comment below to discuss and express your opinion.


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