ESA found that Mars is wearing a “green hat”, which experts say is good news

People think that Mars is the most likely habitable planet in the solar system, so in recent years, with the continuous development of science and technology, many probes have been launched to explore Mars.

From the images of Mars observed by scientists, we can clearly see that Mars is a planet whose surface is close to fire red or orange red, mainly because the surface soil of Mars is rich in hematite, showing rust like red, making the whole planet look red. But recently, some foreign media said that the satellite found green light on Mars. What’s the matter?

On June 16, the European Space Agency’s Mars trace gas mission satellite found a faint green light in the thin atmosphere of Mars, according to the interesting science website of the United States. From the image, Mars seems to have a “green hat”. This phenomenon has attracted the attention of scientists, because we have never seen such a wonderful phenomenon before.

Some scientists say that this is a manifestation of the existence of a certain amount of oxygen in the Martian atmosphere. We all know how important oxygen is for human beings, so this is good news, which is very conducive to future Mars migration.

What is the “green light” on Mars?

After the appearance of “green light” on Mars, Claude Gerard of Liege University in Belgium published a research paper, pointing out the essence of “green light” on Mars. One of the characteristics of oxygen is that it emits green light, because oxygen atoms emit a certain wavelength of light under the irradiation of light, which is green in the visible light range. This kind of green light is found in the “night glow” on the earth, but it has not been found in other planets outside the earth before.

This is also a kind of air glow on Mars, which can only be observed at night. Because it is very weak, it is also called “luminous”. In fact, scientists predicted the existence of this phenomenon as early as 40 years ago, and it has not been confirmed until now, Claude said.

What’s the difference between nocturnal glow and Aurora?

Nocturnal glow and Aurora look very similar, so some people will think that they are the same material, but in fact they are not. Aurora is the luminous phenomenon of solar wind charged hydrogen ions entering the earth’s atmosphere under the action of the earth’s magnetic field and colliding with air molecules in the atmosphere. Although it is mostly green, it is not the color of oxygen visible light band.

However, nocturnal glow is a rare phenomenon, which is caused by the sun irradiating the gas molecules and atoms in the middle and upper atmosphere, in which the oxygen atoms will appear green after nocturnal glow.

What does the appearance of night light mean?

First of all, the appearance of night light means that there is oxygen in the atmosphere of Mars. Previously, we always thought that the main component of Mars is carbon dioxide, so it is difficult to form life on Mars like our earth creatures. But in fact, there is oxygen on Mars, but the oxygen content is very small, accounting for only 0.15% of the total gas.

Secondly, the appearance of night light makes people realize another similarity between Mars and earth. In the past 30 years of Mars exploration, scientists have found that the size, mass and surface area of Mars are between the earth and the moon, but its natural environment is quite bad, and it can not be compared with the earth at all. The appearance of luminous light has increased the similarities between Mars and the earth.

So, since the discovery of night light on Mars, does it mean that Mars can become the target of our interstellar migration? Xiao Bian believes that this discovery has increased our hope of emigrating to Mars, but whether Mars is really suitable for human beings to continue their lives will not be known until the moment when we officially land on Mars. However, Mars is desolate, so it is necessary to transform Mars. To transform Mars, we need a higher level of science and technology.

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