“Eternal life” has been widely spread recently. Is it true? See what scientists say

The topic of “Immortality” has been spread from ancient times to today, and many people want to get such ability. In ancient China, the first emperor of Qin made pills to seek medicine; in ancient Egypt, the Pharaohs turned themselves into mummies and waited for the opportunity to revive. In modern times, various novels and articles are talking about the topic of immortality, and the discussion of this kind has never stopped.


The most exciting thing is the combination of artificial intelligence and immortality predicted by modern scientists. Ray Kurzweil, Google’s chief scientist for the future, said: when 2029 comes, mankind will be able to embark on the road of immortality. Modern society is the closest to immortality. The rapid development of science and technology and the change of the times make scientists make such an exciting prediction. And all this is not imaginary, because science is to be reasonable and based, so what is the basis of ray Kurzweil’s prediction?

First of all, ray Kurzweil relied on the success rate predicted by him before. He made statistics on his predictions in the past decades, and the success rate of these predictions was as high as 86%. He issued a total of 147 predictions, of which 115 are completely correct, 12 are basically correct, 17 are partially correct, and only 3 are completely wrong. With such a high accuracy, he can confidently put forward the phenomena he can predict.


Of course, with confidence is not enough, ray Kurzweil also put forward several theories to verify his point of view, one of which is nano robot. Nano robot is to make a robot with the same size as nano robot, let it move freely in the human body, and improve or expel the necrotic cells, pathogens, tumors and immune system in the human body, so as to keep the human body healthy all the time. The research and development of nanotechnology will be an important step for mankind to embark on “Immortality”. Current research shows that nanotechnology is “the biggest weapon of human in the future anti-cancer career”.


Ray Kurzweil also put forward the theory of human body programming. Human body programming is to regard human body as a complete program. The cause of problems is program errors. Just fine tune the code, clear the bugs in the program, and make the program design better and more flexible, human beings will naturally become healthier, and their abilities in all aspects will be improved, and become a member of all parties Face ability outstanding, more perfect person.

In addition, ray Kurzweil also proposed that the development of artificial intelligence will break through the existing scientific research, and human beings can make use of artificial intelligence to make human beings have no shortcomings! But in recent years, the “side effects” of artificial intelligence make people have to think deeply, because it is possible that the artificial intelligence developed will break through the control of human beings and eliminate human beings as enemies. It’s not only seen in movies, but also in reality. In the United States, where science and technology are advanced, an intelligent beauty robot was invented. In the end, something went wrong. In an interview with a TV station, the robot said that it wanted to destroy human beings and control the whole earth, which was astonishing.


Later, an expert with rich experience and great contribution in the field of artificial intelligence said: “if you ask me whether robots will become the heirs of the whole earth, I will definitely answer yes, but they will be our children.” Of course, we hope that the development and trend of artificial intelligence will be controlled by human beings, but now the times are changing so fast that no one can tell. We can only let time confirm it, and all this is still unknown.


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