Europe appears “strange phenomenon”, ancient people fight in the air, or from the parallel world!

In fact, scientists have put forward multi cosmology long ago, which is what we usually call parallel universe. To describe the parallel universe in simple words is to say that it is a very similar but different existence separated from the original universe. There are two different explanations for the existence of parallel worlds. One is the pluralistic cosmology, and the other is that there is more space outside the universe to encircle the universe.

The parallel world is very mysterious. Maybe there is another you in the parallel world, rich or poor, which is quite different from you in the real world. Although many people firmly believe that parallel world exists, there is no scientific evidence to prove it up to now. Existence is rationality. There was a strange phenomenon in Europe. Scientists thought that it did not come from the universe, but had some connection with parallel universes. Maybe we can use this example to prove the existence of parallel universes. What’s the matter? What’s going on in Europe?

The story began in 1954. Over the Aegean Sea, there was a sea market illusion, which was seen by more than 2400 people. In fact, this is not a rare phenomenon. It is not surprising that the illusion of sea market often occurs on the earth. Just like in Penglai area of Yantai, this phenomenon occurs in the refraction of light in May and June every year.

Everyone has heard of such a story. When walking in the desert, people often feel more desperate in the face of one desert after another. At this time, you will see the oasis ahead. In fact, there are two reasons for this phenomenon, one is the illusion under extreme conditions, the other is the appearance of mirage. This kind of situation is often the support of people who get lost in the desert. What’s the difference between this illusion of 1954?

From a scientific point of view, the mirage phenomenon is caused by the refraction of light. Since it is the refraction of light, it means that the prototype must be found on the earth. If the scene has no prototype, it can not be presented in the air. The mirage phenomenon in the Aegean Sea is so strange. In this scene, we see the war scenes of the ancient Vikings. They are wearing ancient pirate costumes and holding very old weapons. How can this scene appear over the Aegean Sea? The Vikings are thousands of years old.

Scientists believe that this phenomenon has broken the original scientific explanation. This time, the archetype of Aegean is vivid, just like what happened in the sky. What is its prototype? So many scientists connect the theory of parallel world with it. They believe that the scene over the Aegean Sea may have been caused by the struggle of the Vikings in a parallel world.

It has been decades since the Aegean mirage occurred in 1954. Scientists have been unable to give a more reasonable explanation, and we have no way to know what the truth is. What do you think of this? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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