Even if human extinction, this animal may not be extinct in the future!

The rabbit monkey is a cat that lives mainly in the dry environment of Central Asia. Its expression is rich and lovely, also known as the expression emperor of nature, but you don’t see it looks silly and lovely, in fact, it is a very dangerous, more ferocious species. It is the only carnivorous species in the cat family. It took millions of years for them to differentiate from the pantherae, but until now they have not. They mainly live in some relatively dry areas, such as desert, Gobi grassland and so on. The long hair covers its whole body, making it look like a ball of fluff.


Their hair is thick and long, and they look like a little fat man. In fact, they are not as heavy as an orange cat. The thick fur is designed to protect it from the cold and frostbite.

In addition, the rabbit monkey has a hobby, it likes to catch rabbits to eat, see the rabbit will rush up. In addition, it is said that the hunters in Turkey have a special way to arrest them, that is, to stand in front and shout “dursun”. In Turkey, it means “stop”. The rabbit monkey really stood down. So this may be the origin of the name of the rabbit.


In fact, despite its short, short, fat legs, it is very sensitive in reaction and movement. Generally, it will ambush and wait for its prey to take the bait. In addition, when it is in danger, it will quickly find a place to hide. Its disadvantage is that it runs a little slowly. This should have a lot to do with its chubby body. Because they are fat, they need to catch their prey in close range, which requires good eyesight. In the same way, they are also natural enemies. In order to avoid being caught by natural enemies, they have to find the predator in a long distance to help them escape.


The eyes of the rabbit are more prominent, and the big eyes add a lot of highlights to the shape of the rabbit. Rabbit’s eyesight is also very good, which may have something to do with its long-term hunting, just to make up for the lack of small short legs. In recent years, due to the large-scale expansion of human settlements, it occupies a lot of rabbit and monkey habitats. So that the number of rabbits and monkeys is also declining. Now rabbits and monkeys are listed as the second class protected animals of the state, and people can no longer keep them in captivity illegally. But the survival ability of the rabbit is also very strong, otherwise how can it not be extinct now? Even some netizens make complaints about it: even if humans are extinct, this animal may not be extinct later. What do you think of this animal?

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