Even if man built a speed of light spacecraft, flying out of the galaxy is not very realistic, scientists expressed regret

People’s imagination is always boundless, always imagine what the world outside the universe is like? Can humans freely shuttle between the earth and outer space in the future? Can humans cross the solar system, or the Milky way? And so on, often linger in our hearts.


Qian Xuesen, a famous Chinese scientist, pointed out that the voyage of the universe should be divided into two stages. The first stage is to rush out of the atmosphere and the earth moves in the solar system. The second stage is to rush out of the solar system and fly to the Milky way or even farther away. So what stage have we reached in space flight?

The first man-made satellite was launched by the former Soviet Union in 1957, more than 60 years ago. In such a long period of time, human beings did not stop. Instead, they successfully landed on the moon and achieved the feat of leaving the earth. In the 20th century, human beings launched space probes such as “pioneers” and “travelers”, and after several decades of sailing for 6 billion kilometers, they reached the orbit of Pluto.


Do these strides mean that human beings have mastered the technological means to navigate freely in the solar system? In fact, the margin of the solar system is very wide. If we only calculate the solar gravity, the radius has reached 1.5 billion kilometers, about 1.5 light years. It can be seen that we are far away from the boundary of the solar system.


If humans want to fly to outer space, the first step is to need a spacecraft with excellent performance. From the point of view of its pressure resistance or speed, it must be extreme, and it must meet the conditions of flying to outer space. However, speed is always a stumbling block. We have a strong heart but not enough strength. Einstein once said that the speed of static mass can never exceed the speed of light, and having a spaceship as fast as light is only the first step for us to fly into outer space.

Even in the future, our technology is advanced enough to make spaceships as fast as the speed of light. We also need to step by step, the first leap is the solar system, followed by the Milky way. A spaceship as fast as light is enough to fly across the solar system, because the radius of the solar system is less than one light year. But it’s a little difficult to fly across the galaxy. The galaxy is still expanding. According to relevant data, its current radius has reached about 150000 light-years. If we want to leap this radius, our age is the first one to protest.


If we want to leap 150000 light-years, it’s totally unacceptable for our life span. Then, some people put forward that whether we can rely on intelligent technology to realize the permanence of life? But the problem is that AI intelligence is not enough to make us immortal. Can’t humans ever cross the Milky way? Some scientists put forward the idea of multidimensional space. They believe that there are 11 dimensions in the universe, while humans exist only in three dimensions. If we can cross a higher dimension, we may be able to travel through time and space and reach a far place in the galaxy.


So how to enter a higher dimension? In quantum mechanics, there is a theory called “quantum entanglement”. The so-called quantum entanglement means that a particle changes in one place, and in another place, no matter how far away the distance is, the corresponding particle will make the same reaction. If scientists can study material synchronization in the future, human beings will have a chance to realize the dream of crossing the Milky way.

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