Evidence that human beings do not belong to the earth has been revealed. Scientists say that human beings were exiled to the earth by aliens

As we all know, the earth is the most suitable habitat for human beings. But around us, there are many legends about the mystery of the origin of human beings. These legends are like fairy tales, but they have no scientific basis.

The origin of human beings is the ancient ape man, who lived on the earth from the beginning, or was brought to the earth by alien creatures?

Some scientists have exposed the evidence that human beings do not belong to the earth, which has aroused people’s attention and attention.


Evidence that man does not belong to the earth

Evidence 1: human beings have difficulty in childbirth

Some scientists have pointed out that when human babies are born, their heads are particularly large, which brings difficulties to women in childbirth. Such a child is easy to lead to the death of mother and child at birth.

Let’s take a look at other creatures on the earth. Childbirth difficulties do not exist, which makes people have to think deeply.


Evidence 2: humans are vulnerable to sunburn

When humans are continuously exposed to sunlight, there will be skin darkening, even sunburn and other phenomena. In the animal kingdom, such as lizard, it can be exposed to the sun every day.

This phenomenon shows that human beings should have evolved in a low gravity environment.


Evidence 3: it’s easy for humans to get sick

Human resistance is very weak, can not help the wind, can not stand the rain, easily sick, and in case of misfortune, will accelerate the death.

Humans are arguably the smartest and most evolved creatures on earth, but it’s puzzling that they still show amazing inadaptability to the earth.

Especially when we rise to a certain height, there will be varying degrees of discomfort, these phenomena make people really feel shivering.


Human beings may be alien prisons, scientists say

Some scientists have said that the earth is likely to be the “prison planet” of aliens. Tens of thousands of years ago, aliens exiled human beings to the earth in order to do experiments of reproduction. And aliens are paying attention to what’s happening on earth all the time.

Some scientists have found that whenever a spacecraft tries to leave the earth’s orbit, it will be bound by a mysterious force, because there is an invisible gravitational circle around the earth. Many people have stressed that they have never had a sense of belonging on earth.


The saying that human beings do not adapt to the earth and do not belong to the earth is just a guess. After all, human beings are still developing, and science and technology still need time to improve. One day, this mystery can be solved. What do you think?

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