Evolution of iron like armor, shells are not bad, the only strange species on earth!

All over is the iron creature, lives in the 2000 meter sea bottom, it is said that the shell cannot explode!


In fact, all the creatures on the earth are evolving, and many of them have evolved in order to adapt to the environment and survive, so they have evolved various abilities. For example, in order to adapt themselves to the environment, carnivores have become herbivores, such as giant pandas. It’s not how to make yourself more adaptable to the environment, make your body more agile, not so huge, and have faster speed and sharp teeth. Chameleons are the most magical creatures in nature. They can change their color because of the change of environment.


Others have evolved defensive weapons to protect themselves. For example, turtles, crabs, lobsters and so on. These animals are evolved to protect themselves. At present, there are more than 20000 kinds of crustaceans. In front of some predators, they even don’t know what to do.


But there is such a creature in the world, it has a hard shell, and this shell is made of iron, this layer of shell is as hard as iron, in many impressions, we all think that the shell of the snail is very soft, a little touch will break, but this kind of snail is very hard, this is the silver horn gastropod snail. The body of a snail is very soft, so it needs to find a hard shell to protect its body. According to legend, this kind of snail can’t even bomb. Is its shell really as hard as it is said? Is its shell metal?


This kind of snail is known as pangolin in the sea. He lives in the deep sea and can be seen more than 2000 meters below the sea. The pressure of shooting more than 2000 meters is very great, but this kind of snail can live here, which shows how hard it is. Scientists have calculated that the shell of this creature can withstand a pressure of 300 kg per square centimeter. Human beings can’t dive into the bottom of the sea without self-protection, let alone such a deep depth.


Scientists have found that this kind of scaly mollusks existed in the Cambrian period, but due to the bad environment, they evolved into what they are now, and they live in mountain and sea fountains, which are very warm. There is a lot of iron sulfide in the place where they live. It may be because of these iron sulfides that they formed their own chemical reactions, which, under the influence of long-term DNA, made them what they are now. This kind of creature is really full of armor, and this kind of creature also has poisonous liquid, which can protect itself very well.


In the long history of evolution, the whole body of iron has evolved. Maybe human beings can get enlightenment from it. What do you think of this?

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