“Exclamation mark” in the sky? Is the huge black “smoke ring” sending a message?

The identity of UFO is still a mystery. Conspiracy theorists believe that these UFOs are related to aliens. In fact, in addition to UFOs, strange symbols will appear in the sky. Many people call this phenomenon “celestial script”. How to explain this?


Huge smoke ring


Earlier, a Spanish man shared his experience. He wrote on the social network that when he was walking in the valley, he suddenly found an orange UFO over the mountains. The UFO was still in the sky and disappeared in a short time. At this time, a huge circle appeared in the sky, which changed from dark brown to transparent color, and finally dissipated. He thought that he had met the legendary UFO, but some netizens thought that it might be just a human aircraft. When the aircraft flies away, doesn’t it leave exhaust?


Mysterious exclamation mark


In fact, such a phenomenon has happened in history. In the 1980s, such a strange thing happened in Russia. There was a huge “exclamation mark” in the sky. At that time, many witnesses saw this situation. A UFO appeared in the sky. The UFO suddenly changed its orbit, went straight into the sky, and then disappeared. However, when the UFO disappeared, only a huge symbol was left in the sky. At that time, the level of science and technology was still very limited, and people thought that maybe it was aliens greeting human beings.


The character of cliff


In addition to foreign countries, there are also such records in the history of our country. It happened in the Qing Dynasty, and many mysterious symbols appeared on a cliff in Guizhou. According to historical records, an unknown aircraft appeared in the sky at that time. When the aircraft disappeared, some strange words and symbols suddenly appeared on the cliff. These words do not belong to the time, many people think that this may be the language left by aliens.


There are too many strange things like this, and many netizens claim that they often see mysterious black smoke rings in the sky. There is no sign of these smoke rings. Some people think that these smoke rings may be formed naturally. Others think that they may be the tail gas left by the aircraft after driving. But why do they form a circle every time? Until now, there is no final conclusion on this issue.


Although we have spent decades searching for extraterrestrial life, we still have no ideal harvest. When we explore more, we will find more and more puzzles. We don’t know what message these mysterious words and symbols are conveying to human beings? What do you think?

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