Experts decipher: why is husband and wife so magical? The truth lies in life

Xiao Bian recently found a strange phenomenon, that is, two people together for a long time, will not consciously like, that is, we often say husband and wife! I’ve heard of it before, but I haven’t seen it carefully. I’ve seen it recently!

When Xiao Bian went shopping yesterday, he met a friend of my elder brother, a classmate of my second cousin’s. At first sight, he didn’t dare to recognize him. (I haven’t seen many of them in total) and said hello to me. Then I suddenly remembered that it was him, and there was a woman beside him. This person always had a gossip heart. I looked up and saw that it didn’t matter, almost…… Flash to my old waist! This woman also looks I can still see it. It gives me a really unique feeling. Xiaobian has never seen such a combination of spear and shield! I don’t want to describe it. Xiaobian’s bearing capacity is too weak. After thinking about it, I’d better look at the man. It doesn’t matter if I look carefully. Xiaobian almost flashed to his waist just now, but he didn’t run this time.

I just felt that the woman was unique. Well, I saw another one when I looked back! My aunt’s second cousin’s classmate’s elder brother looked at it carefully, and he had the same temperament with that girl, and he had some similarities in appearance, especially with a smile. It scared Xiaobian a lot.. This plastic surgery? Plastic surgery can not be a little better? Xiaobian murmured in his heart. He had to compliment me that you two are a perfect match. You are a couple

Ah! Husband and wife? I don’t think it’s cheating. How can it be possible to have husband and wife? People grow up, body and appearance are not stereotypes? This is too wonderful! Xiaobian is a curious baby. We have to find out! Xiaobian specially consulted experts, for this problem, he said so! It turns out that our whole body is full of bacteria. Bacteria have been on the earth for 3.4 billion years, but we have only been on the earth for 7 million years. So our whole body is full of bacteria, even our eyes. Although we can’t see, it doesn’t mean we don’t have them. All bacteria live in groups. After two people have been together for a long time, especially when they kiss for ten seconds, they will change 8000 Ten thousand bacteria, that is to say, the bacteria in our bodies and stomachs begin to exchange with each other, imitate each other, and finally converge.

For example: if you give a child how to peel sugar, she will teach the next child, and the next child will pass it down. Slowly, almost all the children in this class will use this method. So the flora is a truth. There is a different species, and the different species will assimilate other flora, so as to reach an agreement. So the two people who have been together for a long time are in a good mood There will be many similarities in nature, that is, the so-called couple phase. Once two people are separated and come into contact with another person, the flora will start to infect and change with each other according to the flora of another person.

Well, Xiaobian has said so much, you know how husband and wife get together, so hehe, you have to be careful when looking for partners. If you want to be genetically good, you have to choose the other half you’ll see! After all, you want to see your children for life!

Have you ever seen a couple with husband and wife? Or I am? Welcome to comment. Come on, give me a compliment with your rich hand. Let’s make a compliment. Bixin.

This article is the original work of Meng Kaixin, the author of Jiujian

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