Experts dug up the remains of 4000 years ago, with a height of 2.8 meters, suspected of the legendary giant clan!

Experts dug up the remains of 4000 years ago, with a height of 2.8 meters, suspected of the legendary giant clan!

There are too many phenomena in the world that cannot be explained by science. In the eyes of human beings, these strange phenomena are very inconceivable. From any point of view, it is difficult to explain them clearly. For example, the height of human beings is different, which has a certain relationship with genes. So far, the average height of human beings is about 1.7 meters, and the highest person can grow to 1.9 meters A small number of people can reach two meters, there are also many very short people.

Scientists once discovered a tribe in the process of exploration. There is a dwarf tribe inside. The average height of each person is only about 1.3 meters. Since there are dwarves in the world, will there be giants? This is a problem that human beings are exploring. Through long-term research, scientists have clearly indicated that there are giants in the world, which has a long history. Not surprisingly, there were giants on the earth 4000 years ago. The height of this race has reached about 2.8 meters. What is the concept of 2.8 meters? Experts dug up the remains of 4000 years ago, with a height of 2.8 meters, suspected of the legendary giant clan!

If modern people see 2.8 meters of human beings, they will feel that this is a giant. They have to look up wherever they go. After this view was put forward, many people didn’t believe it at first, until some archaeologists dug up a huge wreck in Xinjiang in the process of exploration. After understanding that this is the human wreck, which is much larger than the ordinary human wreck. Since then, people gradually believe that the giant clan really exists. Since this giant wreck was dug out, it directly refreshes human’s cognition, and also helps us understand Do some people think it could be the remains of other species?

Through research, it is found that this wreck has a large head, which is very similar to human beings based on its characteristics, and it is likely to be the legendary giant family. After a long period of research, scientists found that this was once a tomb clan. It’s strange that the internal things are well preserved and have high research value. From all kinds of things dug up, this should be the place where the giants once lived. It’s hard for modern people to reach such a high height. If everyone in this department once had such a high height, it would be nothing more than the giants.

We have only seen the legends of the giants and the dwarves in many books. In reality, they rarely exist. Even if there are many people with outstanding height in life, it may be the disease caused by malnutrition. There are not a lot of people with very high or very short height in a certain area.

If you look at the whole nature, you will find many miraculous phenomena, which need to be continuously explored by human beings. Although many phenomena can not be explained clearly by science, you will eventually be able to uncover the internal mystery through practice. Do you think the legendary giants really exist? You can leave a message for interaction.

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