Experts found fossils of paleontology, suspected close relatives of penguins, the cause of extinction is complicated!

Experts found fossils of paleontology, suspected close relatives of penguins, the cause of extinction is complicated!

North and south poles used to be the pure land on the earth, but now they are beyond recognition due to the impact of global warming. The melting of numerous glaciers, the straight rise of sea level, and the reappearance of ancient creatures are all unexpected. Many living creatures in the north and south poles have lost their homes and have to worry about food and clothing every day. Polar bears and penguins, for example, have lived in the north and south poles for a long time and adapted to the environment. Polar bears look very naive and rarely attack humans.

Giant fossils discovered by experts for the first time

Research reports in recent years show that polar bears are on the verge of extinction. Nevertheless, the report did not alert humans. In addition, penguins and polar bears differ greatly in size, small and cute. When some experts visited Antarctica, they found a fossil of paleontology, and preliminarily judged that it belongs to the fossil of giant penguin, which is not as cute as today’s penguins. Its body length can reach 1.6 meters, which is like the height of an adult. Experts found fossils of paleontology, suspected close relatives of penguins, the cause of extinction is complicated!

Not surprisingly, it was born between 6500 and 5500 years ago. Due to the influence of the environment, it became larger and larger and evolved into a variety of penguins. However, scientists have made shocking remarks that early penguins did not only live on glaciers, but also had another advantage, that is, wings. The penguins we see now have no wings and crawl in the Antarctic region. That’s not what penguins looked like before.

According to the description of biologists, there was a clear distinction between penguins and penguins. It is possible that the impact of meteorites on the earth caused a sudden change in the earth’s environment. Many creatures could not survive in the sky. In this case, they were forced to enter the ocean. The surface of their wings seemed to be a useful organ. Due to the impact of the environment, penguins could only give up their wings. About 37 million years ago, a penguin like creature appeared. Not surprisingly, it is the same ancestor as penguins. It not only has a very similar appearance, but also has almost the same living habits. So far, they are still living on the earth.

Creatures similar to penguins

It is the great puffin, scattered around the Arctic Circle, due to an accident led to its extinction, the fate is quite miserable. Some people spend a lot of money to catch the great auks. Driven by this kind of interest, it is difficult for the great auks to survive. Now experts are doing in-depth research on the great auk. Some people think that the great auk has not disappeared. At the beginning, it was hunted and killed by human beings. In order to survive, it had to give up its wings and grow like a penguin, so as to continue its offspring in this way.

These are just the conjectures of scientists. It is not known whether penguin is the appearance of the great auk after the change, because human beings can not provide direct evidence, but simply believe that the environment has changed it. Science must be well founded. Without solid evidence, it is impossible to make a conclusion easily. Seeing that many animals are going extinct, does human beings have a sense of introspection? You can leave a message for interaction.

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