Experts found that unknown biological fossils, suspected of Chinese dragon, more than 200 million years ago, even longer than dinosaurs!

Since ancient times, the Chinese people have always believed that the Chinese nation is the descendant of the dragon, and the Chinese dragon has become the pride of the Chinese people. Some people say that the dragon is a kind of deity that the ancients combined fish, crocodiles, snakes and other animals with thunderstorms, clouds and other natural weather changes. China’s dragon culture originated in the Neolithic age, with a history of 8000 years. According to many records in historical books, it seems that Chinese dragon really existed, and modern people still have doubts about it!

Until 1996, a huge animal fossil was discovered in Guizhou. After careful repair and restoration by experts, the image of a “dragon” appeared in front of everyone. Now it has been collected in the paleontological fossil Museum in Guizhou. What is most different from the giant biological (dinosaur) fossils found in the past is that it has actually grown for a year For the “dragon horn”, the fossil body is 7.6 meters long and 0.68 meters wide, with limbs and tail. The head is triangular, and the Dragon horn is slightly curved from the head, with a length of 30 cm. This image is very close to the description of the “dragon” image we have seen. Paleontologists have officially assigned the fossils to the new China dragon. The new China Dragon lived 200 million years ago and is a marine animal. It is amphibious, spawning and reproducing. It prefers to move in the water and has strong limbs and tail. The discovery of this fossil proves that the Chinese ancients should have seen the real Chinese dragon or the skeleton of the Chinese dragon in order to draw the image of “dragon” which is very consistent with this fossil. It can be seen that the image of the dragon was not made up by the Chinese ancients.

In fact, a specimen of a Chinese dragon is actually collected in Japan. It is said that the juvenile dragon was discovered by the Chinese more than 300 years ago by the river, and later sold to the Japanese. It is still collected in Japanese temples. However, Xiaobian does not dare to comment too much on the authenticity of the incident. After all, Xiaobian has never seen its true face. As the old saying goes, seeing is believing!

In 1934, a strange thing happened in China. A dragon fell from the sky in Yingkou, causing the ship to overturn and nine people to die. When people saw it, they seemed to be in a state of extreme water shortage. Although people watered it for shelter, or even made excessive measures, it disappeared in a rainstorm a few days later. Ten days later, its body was found 10 kilometers away.

Although there are many similar legends, and there are many people who say they have seen or photographed a real dragon, people can’t judge the truth only by a piece of news or a picture, so they can only look forward to further research on Dragon fossils to get more scientific verification!

Do you believe in the real dragon?

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