Experts have found a 250 million year old stone with a greasy design, which is suspected to be a modern “chip”!

Experts have found a 250 million year old stone with a greasy design, which is suspected to be a modern “chip”!

Human beings have never given up exploring the past history and are eager to have a deeper understanding of it. Therefore, they have made great efforts to develop science and technology and try to recover it through the power of science and technology. What happened on earth before the birth of human civilization? Few people know that it is often covered with a mysterious veil. With the passage of time, human beings have made in-depth research and put forward a related theory, that is, the theory of prehistoric civilization. After this theory was put forward, it has aroused controversy among scientists.

The earth has a history of 4.6 billion years. Compared with the history of the birth of human civilization, it is a matter of a moment. Before that, other prehistoric civilizations were born on the earth, in a long-term cycle. Those prehistoric civilizations may be oppressed by the environment and eventually go extinct. Fortunately, human beings stand out from many prehistoric civilizations. With the continuous excavation of archaeological work, human beings have finally found some ancient objects. Experts have found a 250 million year old stone with a greasy design, which is suspected to be a modern “chip”!

The fishermen found a stone with regular patterns

In 2014, a fisherman was fishing in the sea and picked up a stone. It was not an ordinary stone. The surface was very regular and the pattern was thought-provoking. Then he brought the stone back to the shore. After the news came out, scientists paid close attention to it. It wasn’t long before scientists took it to the laboratory for research. After some time of discussion, it can be preliminarily studied The stone is 250 million years old, with a layer of white above it, similar to a chip.

On the surface, it is highly similar to modern chips. If it is a chip, it means that prehistoric civilization has long had the ability to create a modern chip. Some opponents hold different opinions, believing that it is a product of modern times. In order to understand thoroughly, scientists are going to divide the white object, but there is nothing they can do. Chip is a product of modern manufacturing, which requires high precision and density. If it really existed a long time ago, who made the chip?

What’s the explanation for the chips and screws on the stone?

This fog has puzzled scientists and they have never found an answer. Not only that, but also scientists have found a screw in the stone, which was born about 300 million years ago, even more mysterious than the chip. There must have been prehistoric civilization. No one knows whether they have the ability to create chips and screws. The achievement of human being is the result of civilization evolution. Prehistoric civilization is incomparable with modern civilization in many aspects.

Some things will disappear with the passage of time. If prehistoric civilization really existed on the earth, it will go extinct due to environmental changes. Maybe some of them will survive tenaciously, but they won’t last long. Scientists find these magical substances, put them in the laboratory to study hard, eager to find more secrets. They are so far away from human history that scientists can’t confirm their true identity. Do you think the white object on this stone is really a modern chip? You can leave a message for interaction.

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