Experts have solved a “world problem” with 10000 sheep. What’s the matter?

The rapid development of science and technology is also the rapid development of energy, but the application of human science and technology is still traditional energy, such as coal, oil, natural gas and so on. These energy resources are not only non renewable resources, but also have considerable pollution, which has brought continuous damage to the earth’s ecological environment.

With the accelerating pace of science and technology, the consumption of resources is also accelerating, although they accelerate the pace of human civilization, but the pollution problem to the environment is more and more serious. At this time, scientists also began to actively explore new energy sources to replace traditional chemical energy sources. Speaking of completely pollution-free clean energy, there is nothing cleaner than solar energy.

So in recent years, under the theme of embracing, in order to protect the earth and reduce pollution, countries around the world began to vigorously develop photovoltaic energy, and photovoltaic power station is one of the important applications. We all know that to build a photovoltaic power station requires a large number of solar panels and covers a large area. Moreover, this place often chooses some remote and barren places for construction.

Western China is a relatively barren place, so our country has built the largest photovoltaic power station in the world in Talatan area of western Qinghai Province, which covers an area of 54 square kilometers and generates a lot of power every year, which can effectively solve the problem of power supply and reduce the problem of traditional energy power generation.

Photovoltaic energy is a good clean energy, but after the construction of photovoltaic solar panels, the photovoltaic power stations all over the world have encountered a common headache, that is, the growing weeds. Take the huge photovoltaic power station in Western China as an example. Originally, weeds rarely grow in this area, but when a large number of photovoltaic panels are built, they block the sunlight outside, forming a humid and warm environment in the space under the photovoltaic panels.

With the humid and warm environment, the tenacious Grass began to grow crazily, and soon the whole photovoltaic panel area was covered with weeds. When these weeds grow vigorously in summer, there is no problem, but in spring and winter, the problem will be great. We all know that in spring and winter, weeds begin to wither, from the original green grass to withered grass. At this time, fire is very easy to happen.

Moreover, photovoltaic panels can absorb solar energy. Once they come into contact with weeds, they may cause fire due to overheating, which is a huge hidden danger for the whole photovoltaic park. In order to eliminate this hidden danger, the park has to invest millions of yuan in artificial weeding every year. Some people may say that farmers can do weeding in rural areas? In fact, the vitality of grass is far stronger than we expected. Pesticides are not easy to use. Otherwise, my rural uncle would not worry about grass every year.

It’s not easy to use pesticides. The park has to invest a lot of manpower to weed manually, and it can not be done once a year. It needs to weed several times. As long as the grass grows, it needs to be weeded, so as to avoid that the longer it grows, the more prosperous it will be, and eventually lead to uncontrollable fire. As the area of photovoltaic panels in the park is 54 square kilometers, you can imagine that such a huge area requires a lot of manpower, and the weeding under the photovoltaic panels is not as fast as that on a prairie with weeding machines. Weeding workers must be careful to avoid the loss of photovoltaic panels.

The weed problem under photovoltaic panels is not only a headache for the photovoltaic power station park in Western China, but also a headache for other photovoltaic parks in the world. However, there has been no good solution to this problem. Until one day, a herdsman with his 2200 sheep accidentally broke into the photovoltaic industrial zone, and watched the sheep eat the weeds in an orderly way with the gap between the photovoltaic panels, even the grass roots. The managers of the industrial zone had a flash of inspiration: can we raise sheep to weed?

You know, sheep can definitely be called weeds destroyers. They are different from other herbivores. If cattle eat grass, they will only eat the parts on the ground, but not the grass roots. But sheep is different. It not only eats the parts on the ground, but also has to dig out the grass roots to eat. It is absolutely to cut the grass roots. Therefore, in the prairie, when herders graze, they will plan to graze, otherwise it is easy for large areas of grassland to disappear. The Sahara desert, the largest desert in the world, was also an oasis tens of millions of years ago. However, with the arrival of human ancestors, the oasis was eaten up by sheep and gradually turned into a desert.

It can be seen that sheep are the terminators of weeds. The administrator of the photovoltaic area saw that a large number of sheep inadvertently entered the park could eat grass in an orderly way. In a flash, he came up with a wonderful idea: raising sheep and weeding. As a result, the photovoltaic Park raised a large number of sheep at a part of the cost, and raised the base of the photovoltaic panel a little, which was conducive to the sheep’s better shuttle back and forth to eat grass.

Since raising a large number of sheep, the problem of weeds in photovoltaic area has been basically solved. Moreover, raising sheep can not only solve the problem of weeds, but also generate income for the park. It is also a big income to sell these sheep when they grow up. Originally, weeding costs a lot of money, but now weeding can generate income for the park.

Moreover, the benefits of raising more than 10000 sheep in the park are not over yet. While they move back and forth to eat grass in the park, the excreta of sheep moistens the land. This originally desert area is now very suitable for the growth of crops, so the managers planted medicinal materials under these photovoltaic panels to increase the income of the whole industrial park and solve the problem of excessive occupation of photovoltaic panels The problem of land.

In this way, the maintenance problem of “photovoltaic power station” in many countries has been solved. Although it is not the most perfect solution, it can also be regarded as a very economic solution. Who would have thought that the seemingly useless sheep would make some contribution at some times.

Through this example, we also understand a truth: everything in the world has its value. Even seemingly useless things or things often contain profound science. In the history of human science, many epoch-making technologies are discovered by scientists through very ordinary things. For example, when Newton sat under a tree and saw an apple fall, he would think: why does the apple fall down instead of up? So the law of gravitation that affects human beings came into being.

Therefore, nature is the largest scientific treasure house in the universe. Everything in nature does not exist simply, and there must be some scientific truth in it. By constantly observing nature, human beings can solve the mysteries of nature, make human science and technology progress and make human civilization progress. After we have completely solved the mystery of nature, human civilization will be superior to nature and become the overlord of the universe.

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