Experts saw the diamond from outer space and said science books need to be rewritten

Among the earth’s minerals, we know that diamonds are quite expensive. There are diamond mines in South Africa, so there are adventurers all over the world who go to South Africa to hunt for diamonds. Some people who don’t want to work dream that one day they will find a diamond and fall to their feet.

The earth is rich in minerals, and there are countless stars in the universe, so there are countless minerals. But at present, human beings have no ability to mine them. Some meteorites fall to the earth, and experts regard them as treasures. Tongda meteorite can study the universe. Meteorites are usually divided into four categories according to the content of iron and nickel in them: meteorite, iron meteorite, iron meteorite and glass Meteorite. But have you ever seen a diamond meteorite?

In December 1996, experts found a meteorite in the desert of Egypt. Originally, they thought it was an ordinary meteorite. But when they saw this meteorite, they were surprised. It turned out to be a diamond meteorite that had never been seen before. It contained a rare component “diamond” that other meteorites could not see.

The discovery of this diamond meteorite gives experts a new understanding of meteorite, which shows that the composition of meteorite is possible. Maybe tomorrow a piece of gold brick will hit the earth from outer space, and you should not be surprised.

Recently, researchers from the University of Johannesburg, Dr. Marco Andreoli, re studied the hippatiya stone, which was divided into about one centimeter or smaller parts. Dr. Marco Andreoli used state-of-the-art scanning technology to analyze the structure of the hippatiite and found that the ratio of elements in the meteorite is completely different from that measured on earth and other planets. Hippatia stone does contain diamonds and other rare ingredients, which are of great value.

This uninvited guest came from 28 million years ago. Experts believe that this uninvited guest’s meteorite was probably formed at the beginning of the formation of the universe, perhaps before the birth of the solar system and other galaxies. This uninvited guest came from 28 million years ago. The discovery of the meteorite led experts to believe that the current popular science books may need to be rewritten. Experts say that studying the composition of the hapatiya stone will enable us to better understand the formation of the solar system and even explore the formation of the universe.

Since diamond meteorite has never been found in the universe, some scientists know whether it was made by aliens? If you find something that is obviously different from normal things, its origin is often different. Naturally, this meteorite is the same. The universe is so big, you have observed countless planets and various types of meteorites, but you have not found this kind of diamond meteorite. Only one of them fell down on the earth 28 million years ago. Why is this so strange?

Maybe this meteorite was really made by aliens. It wandered in the universe for countless years, and was finally attracted to the earth by the earth’s gravity. But it’s a little hard to say. The creation of alien civilization was put in the extraterrestrial space to fall to other planets?

However, there is another possibility, which is just what Xiaobian thought. That is, the meteorite did not hit the earth from outer space at all, but was left on the earth by alien civilization. We can imagine that if 26 million years ago, an alien civilization in the universe flew a spaceship to the earth, it would be very happy to see such a living planet as the earth. After a tour of the earth, it would always leave something on the earth to commemorate, so it would put a diamond thing on the earth, that is, to tell the earth culture Ming: there was an alien civilization that visited the earth.

After 2600 years of erosion, the diamond was accidentally discovered by experts in 1996. What do my friends think of my conjecture? No one can be sure which thing in the universe is the truth. The truth is often people’s conjecture first, and then find evidence to prove it. But it’s impossible to find evidence for tens of millions of years, especially about aliens. Maybe the aliens will come to earth in the future, maybe they can uncover the truth.

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