Exposure of 749 Bureau and 507 Institute of China’s supernatural Research Institute, Qian Xuesen and other scientists involved

There are psychic units in the United States and 10003 units in the former Soviet Union. Both units are mysterious organizations led by scientists to study supernatural phenomena. Many people are wondering whether there are such supernatural research organizations after the founding of new China. The answer is yes. These are the 749 bureaux and 507 institutes that the editor will talk about today.

1. 749 Bureau


As early as the release of the movie “ghost blowing lamp: Nine story demon tower”, the careful audience found an organization that did not exist in the original work – 749 Bureau, which caused a large number of Internet users’ curiosity and speculation.

Lu Chuan, director of nine story demon tower, revealed in an interview that bureau 749 did exist. It was a secret organization under the science and Technology Commission, and he had worked in 749 for two years. He even saw videos of supernatural phenomena in “brother units” (507 brother units).

Many careful netizens doubt Lu Chuan’s words, and even personally investigate Lu Chuan’s early experience. Among his early experiences, Lu Chuan graduated from Nanjing Institute of PLA relations in 1993, then served in the army for two years, and was admitted as a graduate student of director department of Beijing Film Academy in 1995.


The key point here is the Nanjing PLA Relations College, which used to train foreign affairs personnel and secret workers. Many people know this. Therefore, many students graduated from the Nanjing PLA Relations College have entered secret organizations such as the State Security Bureau and the general staff.

2. 507 Institutes


In fact, some data show that both the 749 Bureau and the 507 Institute are real, and the 507 Institute is one level higher than the 749 Bureau. According to some information, the 507 Institute, located near the space bridge on the West Third Ring Road in Beijing, is an institution with the brand of “space intelligence research” but engaged in the study of supernatural phenomena.

The picture provides 507 satellite maps of the former sites for netizens

507 Institute has specialized in the research of human special function, including Qigong development, human science, system science, traditional Chinese medicine, special function and scientific revolution. Among them are Qian Xuesen, a scientist well known to us. He and other scientists have made more than 100 speeches and reports here.


According to records, during the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union and the secret development of the two countries’ super forces, China’s 507 institutes were not idle. They gathered a large number of “superpowers” to carry out remote viewing, perspective, psychic, future prediction and other experiments. It is said that the information about the death of former Soviet General Secretary Chernenko in 1985 was successfully predicted.

Finally, Xiaobian would like to say that the world is so big, our cognition is really rare, so, be brave to explore.


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