Extraterrestrial civilization exposed? NASA has found three eyes of lunar man, human or no longer lonely!

Extraterrestrial civilization exposed? NASA has found three eyes of lunar man, human or no longer lonely!


The ancients had a different feeling for the moon. Many literati expressed their love for the moon with the help of the moon and pinned all their feelings on the moon. It was pinned too much hope by human beings. Until now, the moon has become the first planet that human beings have landed on, which is enough to witness the extraordinary significance of the moon to human beings. With the help of science and technology, each country has put the space industry in the first place, and it has become the top priority. It is a major goal of each country to vigorously enter the space field.

I don’t know when, human beings have the dream of moving to space, and even want to establish a base on Mars, in which the moon is also an indispensable part. 1969 is the first step for human beings to take to the earth. After several decades, we have never entered the moon again. The pictures of the moon that have been circulated have aroused people’s deep thinking. The United States once released a picture of a person on the moon. Is it possible that there is life on the moon? Extraterrestrial civilization exposed? NASA has found three eyes of lunar man, human or no longer lonely!


What is a three eyed lunar man?


Among them, the three eyed lunar man is widely spread. He was photographed by Apollo 20 during the mission and was inadvertently uploaded to the Internet. Through the video, we can learn that the appearance of the three eyed lunar man is basically the same as that of human beings. The only difference is that there is an eye in the middle of the forehead. From a biological point of view, this eye is the pineal gland, which is also known as the heavenly eye. In religious culture, if human beings have the third eye, they may have omnipotent ability to see the world they have never seen before.

Moreover, once the pineal gland is activated, different dimensional spaces can be seen. So is it true that there are three eyed people on the moon? How did they get here? We can’t confirm their real identities with just one video. If there is life on the moon, why did human beings not find their footprints in their activities? This year, a satellite sent back a picture of the moon. It seems that traces of buildings can be seen in the picture. Will these three eyed people live in these buildings?


Does the three eyed man exist?


There are still many controversies about the existence of the three eyed man. Apollo 15 also sent back photos of the moon. It is suspected that a giant spaceship was seen in the photos. It is possible that the giant spaceship is the activity tool of the three eyed people, and those buildings are their habitat. Whether or not there are three eyed people on the moon, it has played a certain role in the life of the earth. Many UFO enthusiasts even think that this spaceship is used by aliens to monitor human beings.

At present, what human beings lack most is scientific basis. Science is rigorous. Any statement without real evidence can not be easily concluded. The widely spread three eyed man on the moon may be the only evidence that can prove the existence of life on the moon. Do you think he is a person compiled by human beings, or do you think there are many unknown secrets on the moon? You can leave a message for interaction.

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