Extraterrestrial life? A planet 10.8 light-years from earth, humans have the opportunity to migrate

As we all know, the planet we live on has already become a vulnerable planet. Although it still seems to have a mild atmosphere and sunshine, if human beings are still living wantonly, in the next 100 to 500 years, human beings will probably make the earth more civilized and make the earth more beautiful because of exploiting the earth’s resources The ball is getting worse and even worse for human habitation!


In the vast universe, human beings are eager to get together with their own kind, so maybe we won’t feel lonely any more. When the great catastrophe of the universe is coming, we may exchange information with other civilizations and discuss countermeasures together, maybe we will feel a little timid. Therefore, since human beings have advanced astronomical equipment, the vision of human exploration has never left the sight of alien civilization.

Last May, Brazilian astronomers used the Arecibo radio telescope to observe the red dwarf star ROS 128 in Virgo, and unexpectedly found abnormal radio signals, the Brazilian global network reported. According to astronomers, it comes from a planet with life information.


Since then, astronomers have used a variety of planetary search techniques, and finally found an earth like planet in a planetary orbit about 6.812 million kilometers away from Ross 128, which is only 1 / 22 of the distance between the sun and the earth. Scientists call it Ross 128B. This earth like planet was soon confirmed by NASA observations.


The newly discovered earth like planet soon aroused the interest of astronomers. Through observation and calculation, scientists found that the radius of red dwarf Ross 128 is only 21% of the sun’s, its mass is 15% of the sun’s, and its released energy is only 0.036% of the sun’s. in this way, the earth like planet Ross 128 B gets better light than the earth.

Because according to the spectral analysis of scientists, when its sun emits visible and infrared light, it can better protect such creatures on the earth’s surface, of course, if there is life on the earth.


After further analysis, the scientists found that the rocky planet is 1.38 times larger than the earth, with steep cliffs and vast waters on it. The atmosphere is thicker than the earth, and the light conditions are better than the earth. Therefore, they think that the climate above is probably better than the earth. So maybe some life has appeared on it.


But different from the earth, because this earth like planet is too close to the sun, it is likely to have been locked by the tidal force, which leads to only one side above it keeping in line with the sun, that is to say, the creatures there may not have night, only day. And the place with its back to the sun is only at night, not during the day. If one day mankind can immigrate in the past, would you like to go?

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