Extraterrestrial life? Is there 3 million tons of fish on this planet suitable for human survival?

With the deterioration of the earth’s environment, we focus on the interplanetary migration. If we can go to another livable planet, then human civilization will continue. After decades of exploration, scientists have also determined the choice of interstellar migration. More and more countries are targeting Mars, which is closest to the earth and located in the habitable zone. However, compared with Europa, it has much less life to conceive possibility. Scientists think that maybe there is life on Europa, which is marine fish.


Is Europa alive?

According to the satellite data, there is likely to be a liquid ocean on Europa, and the storage capacity of water resources is even more than that of the earth. As we all know, the ocean is the birthplace of life. Does this mean that there are oceans and marine life on this planet? In fact, many people always feel mysterious and strange when they see the image of Europa. The moon is covered with dark red stripes, and even the equatorial temperature is only more than 100 degrees. So the temperature on Europa is very low.


The reason why scientists believe that life exists on Europa is because of other conditions. Europa is a rocky planet, which means its surface is very solid, which provides a prerequisite for the formation of the atmosphere and liquid ocean. Because Jupiter has an atmosphere, and there is oxygen in the atmosphere, so oxygen is the basic condition for the birth of life. Even Mars does not have such an atmosphere, so Europa naturally becomes the object of attention of scientists. Secondly, in addition to a large number of ice, hot water fountains appear on its surface.


Life form

In 2003, scientists found that some minerals appeared on the surface of Europa. These minerals are like clay. Therefore, scientists believe that organic matter is very likely to exist in these clays. Scientists believe that because Europa is full of ice, if there is life on the planet, it is likely to be fish in the ocean. Scientists have also calculated that if marine fish really appear, the number should exceed 3 million tons, and the number on this planet is still very large.


However, some people think that there is no life on Europa. Until now, we have not found the existence of extraterrestrial life. Therefore, there is no way to determine the existence of life on Europa by simple inference. In fact, Xiaobian thinks that the reason why we didn’t find extraterrestrial life is due to the limitation of science and technology. The scope of our exploration is limited. Maybe extraterrestrial life exists in places that we can’t explore.


If we want to study Europa, we can only study it through Galileo. Maybe in the future, human beings will launch more advanced probes into this planet. At that time, all the truth will have an answer. I don’t know what you think?

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