“Extraterrestrial visitors” have appeared again? It’s approaching the solar system. It’s not Omo this time!

In the process of human exploration of the universe, we have found a lot of mysterious phenomena. Some people will associate these phenomena with extraterrestrial life. Here, we have to mention Omo. Scientists have discovered its existence in the last century, but at that time, the level of science and technology was still relatively backward, so scientists had no way to further determine the identity of Omo. With the development of science and technology, when human beings have strength, aomomo disappears in front of human beings again, which has become an unsolved mystery in the scientific community.


New extraterrestrial visitors


Just a while ago, foreign scientists also made an unexpected discovery. In the process of exploring the solar system, they found a mysterious unidentified object. This unidentified object is moving rapidly towards the solar system. After the research of scientists, they found that this unidentified object is likely to be an alien like Omo, because the shape of this unidentified object is similar to that of an alien The spaceship is very similar, so it also caused the discussion of aliens.


The unidentified object is called C / 2019q4, and its discoverer is a scientist named Borisov. Aomomo attracted the attention of scientists in the process of flying to the solar system, so scientists have not let go of a trace for so many years. I didn’t expect that although aomomo was not found this time, the appearance of C / 2019q4 stimulated human confidence.


After a long period of rigorous exploration by scientists, they used advanced telescopes to discover it for the first time on the evening of September 9. It was this discovery that also made scientists realize that this unknown object is really different from Omo. C / 2019q4 seems to be moving towards the solar system. When scientists first photographed its true face from the front, we realized that the trajectory of this unknown object seems to be consistent with that of omoru Chu.


The identity of an alien


According to the photos taken by scientists, C / 2019q4 is indeed very similar to an alien spaceship, but there is an obvious tail behind it. Therefore, scientists speculate that this is probably just a comet, because the comet will leave a trace in the rear during its operation. Although scientists have given their own conclusions, there are still many conspiracy theorists who believe that this alien is likely to be an alien. Just as everyone kept paying attention, scientists gave the final answer. With the accelerated pace of exploration, they found that C / 2019q4 was just a comet outside the solar system.


Most comets emit gas during their motions, so there is a tail behind them. Although this unknown object is not an alien, it still plays an important role in the study of extrasolar objects. I don’t know what you think?

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