Extraterrestrials may have already appeared, making scientists marvel at the evidence of the existence of extraterrestrials 300 million years ago

In fact, we don’t care much about the evidence of the existence of aliens. There is only one soul question: does aliens exist or not? This question comes from all the people who eat melons, but I believe no scientist can answer you, except those “experts” who claim to reveal the secret!


As we all know, the universe was born 13.82 billion years ago, the first planet was born about 11 billion years ago, the earth was born 4.6 billion years ago, and the first life was born 3.8 billion years ago. The Cambrian explosion of life was 580 million years ago, and it is estimated that humans and even primates were 35 million years ago!

Does the universe have to wait for the birth of this person, and then ask this question, does the universe have to wait for the birth of this person so long? Is there no other species to be born? According to the principle of cosmology, the situation of our earth is not special. It should exist in every corner of the universe. Therefore, we have reason to believe that in another part of the universe, there will be a senior intelligent creature issuing “soul problems”!


Since the beginning of the last century, the scientific community has set off an upsurge of searching for alien civilization. No one would have thought that up to now, no substantial evidence of the existence of aliens has been found. Undoubtedly, scientists have fallen into a deadlock. After searching for so many years, they still get nothing.


But it doesn’t mean that aliens don’t know we’re looking for him, because historical records show that aliens visited our earth as early as 300 million years ago, and according to the evolution speed of advanced civilization, aliens have developed to a level hundreds of layers higher than human intelligence.

At that time, it was speculated that aliens appeared on the earth 300 million years ago, that is, archaeologists found a huge underground mysterious building in the Far East of Russia, the length of which is equivalent to more than 1000 kilometers of the underground tunnel, and archaeologists found a history of 300 million years in the isotopic analysis of these stone walls, which indicates that this huge luxury building is probably left by aliens landing on the earth It’s hard evidence, because we can’t build such an ancient building at all.


In fact, these supernatural designs can be seen in many civilized sites on the earth today, which is a task that ancient human beings could not complete. Why these luxurious buildings appear on the earth makes archaeologists unable to find the exact reason.


Just as the pyramids of ancient Egypt and the mysterious iron pillars of ancient Rome are still fresh and shining on the earth, the truth is unknown.

It is undeniable that if these mysterious earth buildings built by aliens, their wisdom has now reached a higher level. Therefore, our scientists have not found them in the past decades, which is unpredictable, because the gap between our civilization and aliens is not at the same level at all.


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