“Face” octopus is found in Indonesia, and “nine legged Octopus” is found in Japan. Is Maya’s prediction right?

In recent days, a strange thing happened in a small village in Indonesia. Many people went to a middle-aged woman’s shop and took out their mobile phones to take photos. This scene attracted everyone’s attention. What happened in this small mountain village?


“Face” octopus


It turns out that this middle-aged woman took out a glass cabinet. In the glass cabinet, there was a half cooked octopus. Many people would be puzzled when they saw it. What’s good for octopus? Why do so many people take out their mobile phones to take photos? If we look carefully, we will find that this octopus is very different from the usual octopus. Although the skin of this octopus has fallen off, its head is still clearly visible. Surprisingly, this Octopus not only has clear eyes and facial features, but also has a protuberance under its head. It’s like a little woman. It’s amazing.


The middle-aged woman also narrated her own experience. At that time, she was cooking octopus, and suddenly heard a baby’s cry. At first, she didn’t care, but the cry became louder and louder, so she followed the sound to find the source of the cry. Unexpectedly, the sound came from the octopus. At this time, she opened the lid of the pot and suddenly found that there was a octopus head similar to a human face in the pot. Where had she seen such a scene? She was very afraid, so she called her husband. She quickly put out the fire. Maybe the octopus barked to stop humans from eating themselves. After seeing this phenomenon, middle-aged women also feel puzzled, do Octopus really have spirituality? No wonder a lot of people say octopus is an alien creature. It’s really smart.


Japanese nine legged Octopus


The local people have never seen such a scene before, so this octopus has also attracted a lot of people’s attention. They have come here to take photos and punch in. This phenomenon naturally attracted the attention of scientists. Although octopus is very smart, how can it find a face? This kind of scenario is very terrible. Scientists speculate that this may be due to a mutation in the octopus gene, which is why it looks like this. In fact, a mutant Octopus also appeared in Japan some time ago. Instead of a face, the Japanese mutant octopus has an extra tentacle.


It seems not a good omen that the two countries have mutated octopus. Many people think that this may be the Revenge of nature on human beings. Maybe this is what the Mayans call the foreboding of the end of the world. However, after exploration, scientists found that the sea area where Japanese Octopus live is actually near the Fukushima nuclear power plant, so it is likely that it is affected by nuclear radiation That’s why the gene mutation happened.


There are all kinds of strange things in the world. When people see these strange creatures, they will always associate with all kinds of doomsday predictions. In fact, there is no basis for this. A change in the form of a creature must mean that the earth’s environment is changing. In the final analysis, many biological gene mutations are caused by environmental deterioration. What do you think of this octopus?

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