Facts have proved that the bite force of giant panda can bite off half of a person’s buttock!

The giant panda is “China’s national treasure” in China. In our mind, the giant panda has always been a lovely and simple image. We do not know that the attack and bite force of the panda is also quite terrible.


Giant panda is a mammal belonging to the Ursidae of Carnivora. In our impression, giant panda has always been a bamboo eater. I don’t know that at first, giant panda ate meat. After evolution, it later fell in love with bamboo, but its teeth and digestive tract are still intact. The giant pandas we know are cute and ignorant. They basically eat and sleep every day. In fact, this is determined by their physiology. The reason is that the panda needs a lot of energy in a day, while the energy of bamboo can provide less energy. Therefore, the panda has to exercise less to avoid consuming more energy. Therefore, most of the eating time in a day is sleep, and the panda is very docile In general, they don’t take the initiative to attack people, but giant pandas can kill an adult man when they launch a storm. The bite force of pandas ranks fifth among carnivores. The bite force of pandas can reach 350.66 pounds. Those giant bamboos can be dropped in one bite. In fact, there are many new stories about pandas attacking their keepers.

Wei Hua, the keeper of China Giant Panda Protection and Research Center, was seriously injured by the panda, and the tendons and bones of her feet were all bitten off. This is also an amazing event. In the Wolong Panda Base in Sichuan, a female reporter was bitten off a big bite of her left hand when she took a close-up photo of the panda. In fact, the panda’s body is round, but in fact, its moving speed is very fast, Experts said that pandas can run faster than Liu Xiang’s average speed in the mountains at an altitude of 2000 meters, and their claws are also very sharp. Some data show that a mature giant panda can be one meter eight body long, and the heaviest can be about 180 kg, with few natural enemies.


Although pandas are very cute, for the sake of our safety, we still don’t easily touch them close to each other. Compared with pandas, they don’t attack people so easily.


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