Fear dominated by AI! A robot dog appears on the street at midnight. Is the age of AI coming?

Human life has been infiltrated by intelligent products, there is no doubt that the future world must be intelligent. Just a few days ago, a 4-legged “monster” appeared on a sidewalk in Canada. It may never have occurred to human beings that such a monster would walk on the street without fear. At that time, a netizen took a video and sent it to the Internet. The 4-legged monster seemed to feel the camera, and immediately stepped back, then continued to move forward.


AI mechanical dog

This four legged monster is not alien life, but a mechanical dog built by Boston power. After this video spread to the Internet, it caused great controversy. Many netizens claimed that this mechanical dog is too smart. If it was me, I would kick him away. We can also understand the idea that a mechanical dog suddenly appears on the dark street. It’s really frightening. Therefore, some people think that the mechanical dog can feel the intention of human beings. Does it mean that human beings will be controlled by artificial intelligence in the future?


This robot dog is developed by Boston power company, a well-known robot manufacturing company, and many robots on the Internet are also made by them. After seeing this mechanical dog, many people think of a movie, that is “black mirror”. In the movie, the whole world has been shrouded in the control of the mechanical dog, and human beings can only obediently give up the hegemony of the world. In order to avoid the pursuit of the mechanical dog, they begin to flee everywhere. The movie was also inspired by Boston Dynamics, so what’s the evolution level of this mechanical dog? Will it pose a threat to mankind?


The structure of mechanical dog

This mechanical dog is called spot. With strong technical support, we can not only do housework and wash dishes, but also move freely with a small battery, which brings great convenience to human life. Its limbs are very agile. It is powered by 12 customized motors. According to human knowledge, it can change direction at will and trot.


Is artificial intelligence a threat to human beings?


After seeing this mechanical dog, many people praise the wisdom of human beings and worry about the future. In addition to Boston power, there are also many robot manufacturing companies studying artificial intelligence. Since the launch of the two-sex robot in Japan, it has been sold out. It can be seen that human beings yearn for artificial intelligence. But if the future society is shrouded by artificial intelligence, do we still have a foothold?

Scientists believe that the problem is that there is no need to worry. No matter how powerful artificial intelligence is, it operates according to human procedures, which means that they will not have consciousness and can only serve human beings.

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