Fenghuang mountain farmers saw UFO twice and said they were invaded by female aliens? Polygraph display is true

Among the three UFO incidents in Fenghuang mountain, the most famous one should be the UFO found on the south slope of Fenghuang Mountain in 1994. At that time, Meng Zhaoguo, an important witness, said that he not only saw the UFO that day, but also said that aliens would kidnap him a few days later. Did aliens ever come to Fenghuang mountain? Let’s follow Xiaobian to have a look!


The Fenghuangshan UFO incident happened in 1994. Meng Zhaoguo, a local farmer and an important witness, said that he witnessed a tadpole like UFO with a height of 3 meters. When he walked 150 meters away from the flying object, his watch began to make a harsh sound, just like the stimulation of electric current. Later, he was afraid to leave, although he later said that he had met a man Female alien, and also had a relationship with her, but many people can not confirm what he said is true or false.

Soon afterwards, someone went to Meng Zhaoguo to do a lie detector test. Surprisingly, he passed the test, although many people thought he might be suffering from hysteria, or he believed it after he said it. Because Meng Zhaoguo’s description has always been very suspicious, many of the plots he said are very similar to the images of aliens seen in real life, such as movies and TV dramas. For example, he said that except for six fingers, female aliens are all the same as people on earth, but they are only three meters tall.


Moreover, Meng Zhaoguo said for the first time that he had seen a UFO, and for the second time, he called together 100 people to look at it. At that time, many people were looking at it with binoculars 10 kilometers away, but almost no one saw anything. Meng Zhaoguo suddenly yelled that he saw it, then suddenly fell to the ground. When he woke up, he began to have metal phobia, even the doctor’s stethoscope, but he was afraid Strangely enough, the medical equipment couldn’t get close to him, but he didn’t care that the bed was also metal.


It has been mentioned in the series of exposing Meng Zhaoguo events that in the scenes Meng Zhaoguo described, aliens all spoke Chinese. It is said that when the aliens kidnapped him at first, they also asked him if he wanted to drink water. He also said that the aliens implanted capsules into himself and controlled his memory, which made him feel headache when he thought of these things. This is common in our science fiction movies It’s the most common plot in the play, so many people think he is more likely to be hysterical or lying.

Xiao Bian thinks that this may be a fake, but alien civilization is 100% existent. How many planets are there in the universe? Maybe all the sand on earth adds up to less than one tenth of the number of planets in the universe.


Do you think the Meng Zhaoguo incident is true or false?


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