Fermi paradox interpretation: has been unable to find extraterrestrial talent is the most terrible! It’s frightening!

You must have heard of Fermi’s paradox! One day in 1951, when Fermi, a physicist, was discussing with others about UFOs and aliens, he suddenly said, “where are they?” This question leads to a scientific topic, which is called “Fermi paradox”.


Fermi’s paradox is a scientific paradox about aliens, which is the contradiction between overestimation of the existence of extraterrestrial civilization and lack of relevant evidence.

With the continuous development of human science and technology, the number of space probes is also increasing. While exploring the universe, scientists are also searching for extraterrestrial life. However, up to now, most of our findings are based on the shadow, and we have not been able to produce substantial evidence to prove them.


Most of us think that alien civilizations are real, but why haven’t we found them after searching? Now, let’s discuss it together.


In the Milky way, there are hundreds of billions of galaxies similar to the solar system, among which there are many planets. If you want to find planets similar to the earth, even if the probability is as low as one in ten thousand, you can find nearly one million. In the universe, there are many galaxies, such as the Milky way, which are even much larger than the Milky way.

Some people think that alien life is totally different from our life on earth, because their civilization is much higher than ours, so they have the ability to hide their true appearance. Maybe they have lurked around us, maybe they are a small stone on the road, maybe a ray of sunshine.


However, this view was quickly rejected, because if extraterrestrial life exists in such a form, they are so close to us, how can they not contact us!


Some people think that this kind of alien life is very far away from human beings and the earth, and the fastest speed of the universe that we can know is the speed of light. However, it is almost impossible for human beings to build a light speed spaceship. Even the farthest space probe Voyager 1 has not escaped from the solar system.

Some people think that it is a happy and fortunate thing to have not found extraterrestrial life so far, just as Hawking repeatedly warned: “never take the initiative to contact or respond to extraterrestrial signals!” If humans do find them, it will be a terrible thing.


It is also said in Fermi’s paradox that there is no alien civilization, even if there are countless stars in the universe, and even one-to-one duplication of the earth’s solar system environment. Only humans were born on earth.


In other words, human beings are special, and the earth is even different. It does not mean that a planet with a similar environment to the earth can give birth to life, because no one knows why human beings were born on the earth. Even in Darwin’s theory of biological evolution, the ancestor of human beings was the ancient ape, but millions of years ago, no one had witnessed it, and there was no exact record. Most of the statements about the origin of human beings were guessed.

All along, human beings dream of discovering alien life. They guess that they, like human beings, have brains and limbs and can build a civilized world on their own planet. Therefore, human beings have never stopped searching for alien life. Even though human beings know that this is likely to be a way of self destruction, they still hope to find it.


Guys, do you think humans are the only ones in the universe? Welcome to comment area.

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