Ferrets that have been dead for 33 years in the United States have survived successfully. Will cloning be promoted?

The level of human science and technology has developed to an unprecedented level. With the help of advanced science and technology, we have created countless miracles. In the era of backward science and technology, cloning is very far away from us. However, with the birth of the first cloned sheep, we are no longer unfamiliar with cloning technology. According to foreign media reports, American scientists have successfully cloned an endangered animal. Is cloning really going to be promoted?


Animals cloned successfully

It is understood that this animal is the endangered black footed ferret. Scientists have found a black footed ferret that has been dead for 33 years. The remains of the black footed ferret are frozen. The somatic cells needed for this cloning come from this remains. Black footed ferrets generally live in the Midwest of the United States. Their main food is marmots, which will not pose a threat to human beings. Their simple, honest and lovely appearance makes people feel pity. However, such a creature that has no interest in human beings has disappeared more than 30 years ago. Many black footed ferrets that can be seen today are actually artificially cultivated. In today’s environment, they are still endangered species.


It can be said that the earth’s environment is facing an unprecedented grim situation. In order to save these endangered species, scientists thought of cloning. The cloned somatic cells came from the known black footed ferret that died in 1988. Scientists cloned two living bodies, and only one survived. It is identical with the animal gene that died in 1988. If the clone survives successfully, it may be of great help to solve the survival situation of wild animals.


The future of cloning

Despite the success of this experiment, there has been a lot of controversy about cloning over the years. If in the future, human beings can solve all kinds of problems through cloned organs, it is no different from benefiting human beings. If we use cloning to create another individual who is exactly the same as ourselves, what role does the clone play in a complex society? How should we treat them? This is also a question to be discussed.


If these problems can not be solved, it will be a challenge to the ethical order of society. Perhaps in the gray area where we usually dare not set foot, we can easily complete cloning, which will be a great hidden danger for us.


So in the current cloning experiment, the main body of scientists is still animals. If cloning is applied to the human body, the world order will be in disorder, and the civilization we have managed to build may be destroyed. I don’t know what you think. Do you want cloning to be promoted?

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