Fifty years ago, the United States landed a flag on the moon. What’s the change now?

250 years ago, the first industrial revolution began. From then on, human beings got rid of the manual age and began to enter the machine age. At the same time, it also marks that human beings have stepped into the road of scientific and technological development. The power of science and technology is extremely powerful. Only 186 years later, that is, in 1957, human beings finally realized their dream of flying into space and launched the first man-made satellite into space, opening the era of space exploration.

In 1961, Gagarin took the dongfang-1 spacecraft into space and became the first astronaut to enter space. In the last century, the human world was an era full of calamities and disasters. At the same time, it was also an era of great explosion of science and technology, especially in space exploration.

At that time, there were two major scientific and technological powers in the world: the Soviet Union and the United States. The Soviet Union realized two space explorations. The first was to send satellites into space, and the first was to send astronauts into space. As the world hegemony at that time, the United States was naturally unwilling to fall behind the Soviet Union, so the US Soviet competition began. The United States saw that the Soviet Union’s space development was so fast that it also accelerated the pace of space exploration, and put forward a plan that made people feel incredible at that time, that is, a manned lunar landing.

Although the moon is only a satellite of the earth, it is very close to us. However, 50 years ago, with the space technology just started by human beings, there is a huge challenge to achieve this goal. If you are not careful, you may fail and lose your life.

In the eyes of many people at that time, it was difficult for the United States to realize its lunar landing plan, but the result was far beyond people’s expectation. After years of preparation, the United States finally landed on the moon on July 21, 1969 with three astronauts on board Apollo 11 spacecraft. Such a feat caused a sensation in the world, and its influence surpassed the Soviet Union’s space exploration.

After successfully landing on the moon, American astronauts entered the experiments of walking on the moon, then planted a flag on the moon, and finally returned to earth with some lunar rock samples. NASA released a picture of astronauts on the moon at that time. From the picture, we can see that the astronauts are surrounded by a flag waving in the wind.

It was this flag that made many people question the authenticity of landing on the moon at that time. The reason is that there is no atmosphere on the moon, which means there will be no wind. How did this flag fly in the wind? In fact, American scientists later explained this question. The reason is not complicated, that is, this is a special flag with a metal movable bracket inside.

It is these brackets that hold up the flag that let us see it fluttering in the wind. Although some people still have some doubts about the U.S. landing on the moon, with the continuous exploration of the moon by later explorers, such doubts have disappeared. You know, it’s on the surface of the moon, and the detector can see it. It was when the detector saw the flag that the doubts disappeared. At this time, people have to sigh that the U.S. space technology is really awesome. It was possible to land on the moon 50 years ago.

When people no longer doubt the authenticity of the U.S. landing on the moon, another question has been raised: what does this flag look like 50 years ago? You know, no matter how special the flag is, it is also a relatively fragile material. If it were on the earth, let alone 50 years, after a few years, a flag would have become dilapidated under the wind, rain and sun.

So will this flag on the moon also be eroded by the years and become very shabby now? In fact, the real situation may surprise many people. The flag that the United States planted on the moon in the past is still waving in the wind, and it is still very new. The years have not left any obvious traces on it. Why?

If you have a certain understanding of the moon’s environment, you will know that there is no atmosphere on the moon. Without the atmosphere, there will be no ecosystem like the earth, that is, there will be no wind, no rain, no climate, and no microorganisms.

The reason why the objects on the earth will quickly become old, rot and rot over time is that the earth is an ecological planet with a thick atmosphere. There is wind, rain and other ecological climate. It is the function of ecological environment that makes objects on the earth easy to be traced by years. If it is a flag outside, exposed to the wind, sun and rain, it will soon be in tatters and disappear completely.

And the earth is a planet of life, the ability of microorganisms is very powerful, it can also quickly let objects rot. On the moon, because there is no ecosystem, its surface is basically the same as the vacuum universe. So the flag on the moon will not be damaged by wind, rain, lightning, rain, microbes.

Of course, the flag on the moon will not be worn out at all. It will still be affected by solar radiation and cosmic radiation. But these effects are very small for the flag, far less destructive than an ecosystem. Therefore, as long as there is no accidental damage to the flag on the moon, even in a few hundred or even a thousand years, it will still flutter in the wind and will not change much.

However, it is very difficult for the flag on the moon to stay for hundreds of years or even thousands of years. With the continuous progress of human space science and technology, it may not take long to develop the moon. You know, the resources on the moon are very rich, and there are also helium-3 resources that are very important for the future of mankind.

As long as human space science and technology further, it will be like a wolf to the moon, mining resources on the moon. Therefore, we can imagine that in the near future, the moon will be divided up by countries all over the world, with bases of large and small everywhere, and even a moon city will be built on the moon to meet people’s living needs.

The area of the moon is relatively small. Now it looks very empty and there are no people. But in the future, the land on the moon will be very popular, and any corner will be occupied by people. Under the background of fully exploiting the resources of the moon and developing the moon, can the flag of the United States still be preserved? I’m afraid it’s very difficult.

It is possible that in the future, NASA will take back the lunar flag, which represents the significance of human beings, and then keep it in the museum, so as not to damage it during the development of the moon. Maybe many people think that such a thing is too far away for us. Maybe we can’t wait for it in our life. But in fact, human space science and technology is only one step away from the door, and will soon be able to make a breakthrough.

I believe that in a few decades, human exploration of the moon will become a reality. At that time, ordinary people can also travel to the moon. We are looking forward to that day.

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