Finally found it! The fast-moving alien creature in NASA’s photo is suspected to be a female alien

According to the website “UFO sights daily”, which studies UFO, according to the image in the photo, it looks like a woman in a cape. From the shadow on her chest, it can be inferred that she has a pair of breasts, while in the brighter place, her arms and long hair can be seen.

Extraterrestrial women

If this is a statue, it should be greatly weathered, but from the integrity of the image, it is likely to be a “creature”. In addition, the website said the “alien woman” appeared to be staring at the Mars probe.

There are more and more questions about whether there are “aliens” on Mars. Previously, Canadian UFO enthusiast Andre Gignac claimed that “aliens” and “robots” have been found in the Mars photos released by NASA.

I saw two men in spacesuits walking on Mars

Are there really Martians? In addition, a woman who claimed to be a former NASA employee also called the radio station to disclose that she had seen two spacesuits walking on Mars in the photos sent back by the Viking lander that landed on Mars in 1979.

NASA did not confirm the news, and experts also said that at that time the Viking did not return to any scene, this lady’s statement is very questionable. In the solar system, Mars is the closest planet to the earth, so many movies fantasize about the existence of Martians.

Jackie, a woman who claims to be a former NASA employee, recently called coast to coast Am said that in the photos sent back by the Viking lander that landed on Mars in 1979, “I saw two people wearing protective clothing, but not necessarily spacesuits. I mean, these clothes look protective, but they don’t look bulky, just like the ones we usually wear. They come towards the Viking exploration ship from the horizon.

Something suspected of having a big leg bone

Jackie said there were six other NASA employees who also saw people walking around. The “Viking” probe has been launched for 35 years, and NASA has not confirmed this news. However, experts from UFO in Britain said that at that time, the lander had no wheels, could not move at all, and could not transmit facts. Therefore, Jackie’s statement is very questionable.

Suspected Martian

In fact, whether there are Martians on Mars has always been a curious topic. In August this year, NASA released the photos taken by curiosity on Mars. As a result, aliens with sharp eyes found a suspicious femur, but NASA immediately issued a statement saying that it was just a stone. Although the scientific community has confirmed the existence of water on Mars, there is no evidence of life on Mars.

From “female alien” to leg bone on Mars, people often “find” some strange things, which has also aroused countless speculation of scientists, conspiracy theorists and alien fans.

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