Finally, I know why Hawking strongly opposes the exploration of extraterrestrial life, standing 1000 light-years away

Many scientists have been trying to find out the extraterrestrials in the universe. They want to get in touch with the extraterrestrials, but they have not made any progress so far. They have come up with a way, not necessarily for human beings to find the extraterrestrials, but also for the extraterrestrials to find human beings. As long as human beings take the initiative to expose the coordinates of the earth, the extraterrestrials with advanced civilization may find the earth. But their idea was rejected by Hawking.

Scientists have been trying their best to find the trace of aliens, because there is no progress, they even want to attract the attention of aliens by exposing the earth in the universe. In this way, once our information is detected by aliens, we can follow this clue to find their existence.

Although this kind of method is fast and effective, but at the same time exposed to human own coordinates, the risk index will also rise significantly. For this practice, Hawking warned more than once, if so, will the home of human beings still be the home of human beings rather than the home of aliens? Everything can be seen clearly on the earth thousands of light-years away.

If this alien has bad ideas about the earth, then human beings will be in danger. So Hawking didn’t want scientists to disclose the coordinates of the earth. If the real earth coordinates are exposed, and the aliens want to take the lead after discovering the earth coordinates, then how can humans stand on their own?

If scientists expose human signals, many infrared light waves and radio signals can be found at a distance of 1000 light-years from the earth. From this, we can see that there are many creatures on the earth.

Geologists used the method of simulating exposure signals, where a large number of infrared light waves can be seen around the earth. In addition, the existence of radio signals, so that those who are located in unknown areas of the universe can know that there are many lives on this planet.

Through these signals, aliens realized the existence of life on earth, and received these signals. At that time, all information about human beings was exposed to aliens. If the alien is very good to human beings, then human beings will not be in any danger. But if the alien wants to do bad things to human beings, then all human information has been received by the aliens, and then human beings will not be able to escape the clutches of the aliens.

All along, scientists want to explore the universe, which is a good thing, but if we want to explore the universe, we have to consider the safety of human beings, which is not appropriate. Great scientists like Hawking are against it. Other scientists know the earth coordinate system because they know how dangerous it is. But scientists should not be too crazy and let all mankind follow them.

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