“Fireballs” appear in the sky of the United States. 15 states have received 700 reports. What is this time?

Now the National Day holiday has entered the last day, many people take advantage of the National Day holiday to have a good rest, but did not expect that the United States over the strange phenomenon, this national day is also a little too rich. It turns out that the meteor Association of the United States is celebrating the holiday. It has received more than 700 reports. A total of 15 states have reported a mysterious meteor incident. Let’s follow Xiaobian to see what happened.


Fireballs over the United States


On September 30, the meteor Association of the United States received hundreds of reports of bright fireballs. After sorting out these reports, it was found that 15 states had witnessed the incident. There were also many pictures and videos circulating on the Internet, which happened in the sky at night. Many car recorders also took such pictures, and a bright fire appeared in the dim sky The ball is even several times brighter than the full moon. Scientists analyzed the phenomenon and found that the fireball moved from southeast to northwest and finally disappeared in Ohio.


Scientists believe that this fireball is actually an ordinary fireball, but this type of fireball is still very rare. Its brightness is several times that of the full moon. Perhaps the probability of finding such a fireball in meteor observation every 200 hours is very low. Although scientists explain that it is not alien creatures or alien spaceships, it still arouses the fear of many people Panic. If this meteor falls to the ground, the environment will not only be polluted, but many people will also face casualties.


Over the United States




In April this year, UFO traces appeared successively in Detroit, Washington and other areas of the United States. At that time, many people witnessed the scene and picked up their mobile phones to take photos. Until now, many photos have been circulating on the Internet. At that time, these UFOs made the people very afraid and worried. They even suspected that the aliens had formed a team to attack the earth. However, it turned out that this was just a Kongming lantern on the Qingming Festival in China, which had nothing to do with the aliens.


UFO truth


The reason why this incident will cause their panic is that these bright Kongming lights suddenly disappear after they gather in the sky. This scene is very similar to the alien scene in the movie. In fact, it is because Kongming is affected by the wind and falls to the ground and disappears. Seeing this result, Xiaobian also feels sad.


In fact, we live on the earth, there will always be a variety of magical phenomena and potential threats from the universe, now our level of science and technology has been very high, scientists are also monitoring the trajectory of asteroids every moment, the earth is not as fragile as we think, so we should not feel particularly worried, just let it go, what do you think What about it?

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