Fish in the river were destroyed, a large area of death, netizen: This is the most lethal stool

As we all know, due to the over exploitation of the earth’s resources, the ecological environment has been seriously damaged, and now the awareness of environmental protection has become more and more important in everyone’s mind. However, it is sad that despite this, some endangered animal populations can not be prevented from gradually leaving us and disappearing on the earth.

This time, let’s take a look at the common fish in the river around us. They are often threatened by the environment and die in a large area. For the fish, it’s really a disaster!

In a small river from a village in Dazhou, Sichuan Province, fish have died in large areas regardless of population. Is this phenomenon a prediction of some kind of disaster on earth? After knowing the truth, we know that the killer of these fish is excrement, and the excrement comes from the upstream pig farm. With more in-depth statistical investigation, there are many cases of this kind of excrement polluting the river water in many rivers in our country, some of which lead to large-scale death of fish, and some also lead to huge economic losses of fish farmers.

In the rivers of Africa, fish often die. These fish die of hippos’ excrement. Therefore, some researchers analyzed the local pond environment and found that hippos produce a lot of excrement, which not only releases harmful substances into the river, but also reduces the oxygen content of the river. In the Mala River Basin of Africa, there were 49 water hypoxia events in five years, which caused many fish deaths. Of course, this phenomenon can not be controlled and prevented by human beings.

Although the environment on the earth is deteriorating, and out of the instinct of life, all animals are tenacious survival, and every biological population is trying to adapt to the new environment, but I didn’t expect that the feces caused the large-scale death of fish this time, and even the slightest chance for fish to adapt to the environment and survive was never given to them. And the ultimate perpetrators of these tragedies are human beings. Is it not us who will be punished in the future?

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