Fishermen catch two rare lobsters, secrete white juice, the probability is only one in 30 million!

Human beings are always small in front of nature. Nature has created countless mysterious landscapes. These mysterious landscapes not only shock people’s heart, but also bring many unknowns. The ocean is a bottomless abyss for human beings. Although the vastness of the ocean can bring people spiritual pleasure, because the marine environment is very complex, most of the life bred by it is fierce and fierce. For human beings, the ocean is unfathomable. Recently, when a fisherman in Canada was fishing in the ocean, he found a kind of marine life, which is a very rare marine life.

The spotted lobster is caused by a bacterial infection

We all know that there are many kinds of marine organisms. According to many marine fossils, many species have existed for hundreds of millions of years. Fossils can form in nature, the probability is very small, and Canada’s fisherman found rare species, the same probability is only one in 30 million, this rare species is the spotted lobster.

Most of the lobsters are dark brown, but the lobster found by the fisherman is colorful. Some people think that maybe the change of lobster shell color is caused by gene mutation. Scientists have also investigated and studied this statement. It has been proved that the formation of this kind of lobster is not caused by gene mutation, but by bacterial infection in the external environment.

Blue Lobster is caused by a genetic mutation

According to the spotted lobster found by fishermen, there are some white juices at the position of its colorful shell, and the composition of these white juices has not been analyzed by scientists. After all, this kind of lobster is too precious, maybe only tens of millions can find one, so scientists dare not slack off.

On the same day, the fisherman found another Blue Lobster. Its shell is bright blue. According to the research of scientists, this Blue Lobster was formed by gene mutation. People are envious of the fisherman’s good luck. According to him, it was because he saved a 10-year-old drowning child and gave him this gift last day. Instead of poaching the lobsters, the fisherman donated them to the museum to help scientists study them.

Although the living environment of the ocean is very complex, the probability of the emergence of color changing lobster is very low. Although some marine organisms can change because of gene mutation, it is not a good thing for them. If the body color changes, natural enemies can see them coming to catch them for the first time. Like the Blue Lobster discovered this time, although they are caused by genetic variation, their growth cycle can reach more than 7 years. So to some extent, it also means that the possibility of their discovery is very low. What’s your opinion on the discovery of these two rare lobsters? Welcome to comment area message exchange discussion.

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