Fishermen once rescued an unidentified creature with a stench all over its body. Its identity is still a mystery!

Fishermen once rescued an unidentified creature with a stench all over its body. Its identity is still a mystery!

The deep sea is an unknown field for human beings. What is there in the ocean of 10000 meters? It’s a question that human beings are exploring. The ocean is vast, and there are many strange animals in it. They have lived in the ocean world without light for a long time, and they have developed their skills. They can predict the direction accurately in the dark, so human beings dare not explore the ocean rashly. If they are not careful, they will be swallowed directly by these monsters.

There are too many unsolved mysteries on earth that can’t be explained by existing science. For example, does the Loch Ness monster exist? How was the Egyptian pyramid built? Have become a hot topic of human discussion. More than 30 years ago, Japanese fishermen fished out the body of an unidentified creature in the ocean. It was expected to happen in 1977. At that time, everyone was working hard to salvage it. Suddenly, a big guy was fished up. There was no sign of life. The body had traces of decay. The overall outline was relatively complete. Fishermen once rescued an unidentified creature with a stench all over its body. Its identity is still a mystery!

The fishermen fished out an unknown creature

According to the measurement, its body length is about 10 meters, and its neck bone is about 20 cm. It is strange, neither like a whale nor a shark. At that time, many people speculated whether it was the legendary Loch Ness monster. After seeing this creature, the crew came to watch it. The captain was furious when he knew about it. In addition, the creature smelled of stench, so the captain didn’t care about its identity and threw it back to the bottom of the sea again.

Later, a sailor discovered that the matter was not simple, so he drew a skeleton map of the unknown creature, recorded the coordinates of the ocean it had left behind, and sent the photo to the ocean bureau. After learning the news, famous biologists scolded the captain’s behavior and predicted exactly where the unknown creature would fall. But after such a long time, its body was not recovered. At that time, numerous experts speculated that it might be a prehistoric creature. From its skeleton, it looks more like a basking shark. It has lost its chin.

What is the real identity of the unknown?

Since its body has not been found, its identity has become a big mystery. If the captain did not throw the body of this creature into the sea at that time, his true identity would have been revealed. It may be a prehistoric creature with high research value, or it may be a national treasure that experts are looking for. Unfortunately, the captain’s mistake makes it a permanent mystery. If its body can be salvaged again, the mystery of its identity may be completely revealed, and scientists can only sigh with admiration.

In fact, there are too many creatures hidden in the ocean that people don’t know. It’s not easy to salvage them. We should take them to the research laboratory to study them carefully instead of throwing them directly into the ocean without confirming their identity. There is no chance to study them. This captain’s behavior has been reviled by the world. Although his intention is good, he let researchers lose a good opportunity to study prehistoric creatures. What do you think is the identity of this unknown creature? You can leave a message for interaction.

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