Five billion years ago, the iron arm was dug out from the bottom of the river and there was strong nuclear radiation. There was a nuclear war in prehistoric times

When we travel, we can often see precious ancient relics in museums or scenic spots. These relics symbolize the historical years that human beings have spent, and have a lot of historical and cultural heritage. Today, we are going to talk about a joint European and American archaeological team that once found a broken iron arm in the Ganges River in India! As we all know, the Ganges River is the mother river of India, and it is also a tourist attraction in India. Every year, a large number of domestic and foreign tourists come to visit the Ganges River.

In the 1980s, the joint archaeological team carried out an archaeological work of diving into the bottom of the Ganges River. As a result, the broken iron arm covered with moss was recovered. After a series of tests, archaeologists concluded that the iron arm had existed for at least 500000 years!

As soon as this conclusion came out, it caused a huge sensation in the world. After all, half a million years ago, human beings were still in the Paleolithic age. What they could make were just a few simple stone tools, but they could not make iron. So what’s going on with this broken iron arm in the Ganges?

In order to further confirm the origin of the iron arm, archaeologists conducted a detailed test on it. As a result, stronger nuclear radiation was detected on the fracture surface of the iron arm, and they also found that there were charred marks on the inner wall of the fracture surface of the iron arm!

Based on these findings, archaeologists made a bold speculation that the iron arm had experienced a nuclear explosion, and the mark on the inner wall was the mark left by the huge energy when the nuclear explosion occurred! Therefore, they believe that there was a nuclear war in prehistoric times, which destroyed human civilization.

There is no doubt that this kind of archaeological discovery and speculation is in great contradiction with the history of human civilization that we know. Many people also think it’s incredible. After all, iron weapons only existed 6000 or 7000 years ago, and nuclear weapons only existed in the 1940s. How could there be such a thing 500000 years ago? In fact, it is recorded in many historical records of ancient India that people in ancient times flew around in a lot of aircraft, and they would throw powerful bombs at each other. These bombs would emit huge white light, illuminate the night and burn people’s eyes. It shows that ancient Indians may have experienced a nuclear war.

In addition, archaeologists in other parts of the world have excavated highly radioactive debris clay, which is enough to prove that there was a possibility of nuclear war in prehistory! In addition, in the process of Indian archaeology, archaeologists also found a lot of ancient buildings at the bottom of the Ganges River. They are like ancient underwater city sites in India. If you have the opportunity to visit India, you might as well go to the Ganges River to explore, and maybe you will find some amazing things.

To be sure, in addition to the Ganges River, there are many places worth visiting in India, such as Taj Mahal, amber castle, Agra castle, Delhi Red Castle, wind palace and so on. They all have a strong sense of history and can let tourists fully understand the history and culture of India. And one of the most popular scenic spots is the Taj Mahal, which is considered to be the most beautiful mausoleum in the world and a symbol of love. Many tourists will visit it specially. So, let’s share here today. Do you think that there might be a nuclear war in prehistory? Welcome to leave your thoughts in the comments area!

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